Abstract Mosaic Wall Art, Minimalist, Mid-Century Modern

Abstract Mosaic Wall Art, Minimalist, Mid-Century Modern, Price: $274.80

Amongst The Clouds
Mirror and stained glass.
Mosaic inside frame: 12×12 inches
Completed and Framed: 13×13 inches

This piece has a warm palette of burnt oranges, deep reds, moss green, rusty browns and amber. Lots of old stained glass scraps (circa 1980’s) was used in this including “textile” glass, cathedral glass and of course lots of recycled mirror which I add in almost all of my work, gold mirror, iridescent glass and Van Gogh glass.

Abstract in design as I was making it, I started to see an angel peeking out within the middle section around clouds. None of this was planned. When I work on abstracts I often pick the colors and very little design ideas, allowing the art to take shape as I make it. In this way, my hands and my muse take over allowing the art to come through freely.

Even if you can’t see the angel or the clouds, this is a rich looking mosaic. The colors are emphasized with the use of the silver mirror. It’s truly one-of-a-kind and will look great in a minimalist or mid-century modern decorated home.

History of this piece: I made this in June of 2010. It was headed towards a gallery but never made it due to some problems the gallery was having at the time. I retired it for a while but now it’s back and ready to go to the right buyer who will love it as much as I do.

Grouted in dark grey, sealed and signed. Wire hanging system on the back of the frame.

Item price includes shipping, insurance and handling to the US. Please convo me for international shipping quotes.

Abstract Mosaic Wall Art, Minimalist, Mid-Century Modern, Price $274.80

 Stay peaceful.

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