Happy Leap Year!

It’s been quiet this week in the studio. The muse has decided to go to sleep for a bit to allow my body to heal a little bit more. I was concerned that she’d taken a hike forever, as I always am when inspiration leaves me, but I know after doing a few things like taking some photos recently, that she’s just resting. It’s good because my left shoulder down to my fingertips still give me trouble and are in pain often. The longer I give the RSI to completely heal, the better off I’ll be. When I feel the need to be creative, even in pain, I will push to get what I see in my head out into a mosaic or a painted object. Now that I’ve not had much motivation to mosaic, the healing can continue unhindered.

all covered up and resting ... work table and the blanket chest next to it

It was suggested that I cover the area where I work so I don’t continuously feel upset or bothered by the fact that I am not being creative at the moment. I share my bed with this work space and staring at it in disarray, messy and becoming dusty didn’t help me at all. It is still right next to my bed but now I am not thinking thoughts like: “I have to do something to clean up that table” or “I should be working on that glass plate and get it listed”. I know that I will do both of those things soon. For now, I am allowing the muse to sleep. Each time she is well rested and comes to life again, the creativity inside goes to a new level. It’s exciting because sometimes it goes in a different direction.

I have a dear friend who will be celebrating a birthday in March and I’ve found the perfect substrate to put a mosaic on for her. I’m hoping that when this weekend rolls around, I will be able to start the process of making her gift. If I just can’t do it, I will not be upset or push it. She knows me well and knows I will create something unique just with her in mind when I’ve got the spark back. It’s good to have friends who know you well.

Meanwhile, my grandson and I started our version of a garden in our kitchen window. Granted, it’s a jar of green onion rooted in water, but it’s a garden to my 4 year old grandson. He checks it every day to see how much each one has grown.

I cut a few new growths off this morning and added them to my scrambled eggs. If we tend to these well, we may never have to buy green onion again.

The photos taken over the weekend let me know that although the mosaic studio is quiet, the creative juices continue to flow. Here are a few that I really like a lot (my daughter took the first and last one) because of the colors or textures in them. All can be seen on my flickr photostream for those who would like to see them.

Using a good photo editor and some imagination took the fuzzy photos from the birthday party to a new level. Just because a few were out of focus (the last photo here was very fuzzy) didn’t mean they couldn’t be used.

Taking a walk on Sunday produced the last 3 photos plus many more. I only walked around the corner of the apartment complex to find a whole new world.

I listed an item on Etsy and Artsy Home this week. This was made in 2010 but with some updated photos and a good dusting, it seemed ready to be shared once again.

"Amongst The Clouds"

Amongst The Clouds
Mirror and stained glass.
Mosaic inside frame: 12×12 inches
Completed and Framed: 13×13 inches

Stay peaceful.

©2012 Cindy White, EarthMotherMosaics