The studio hasn’t been very busy yet but I’m slowly getting back to a little bit of work. I’m happy with the time I put into whatever I’m working on but the injury reminds me to take it slow and easy. Those that know me, know that’s a huge statement. I am not patient when it comes to inactivity, partly because my brain starts to have trouble with fighting negative thoughts and the depression creeps back in if I’m not creating or thinking about art of some kind. I am so fortunate that I am aware of these feelings and do what I can (meditate, exercise when possible, eat properly) when I can to combat them. Like everyone, some weeks are good, some are bad, some are a little of both.

I was finally able to finish up the luminary I am giving as a belated birthday gift. It took way too long, in my opinion, and when I first shared a photo of it on flickr I was less than thrilled with it. One person suggested I didn’t like it because I was in pain when I made it. I wasn’t able to see the beauty of it. That was very true and after leaving it alone for a few days, I took some photos of it this morning and I saw the beauty, once again.

Not yet grouted, filled with hues all in blue, well almost all blue, a few green and purple got placed in there too because I used scrap pieces of glass. Blue is a favorite color of the giftee to be.

These kinds of shots, showing the front and through to the other side are my favorite to take. I probably over use that technique but I simply LOVE the way MAC Glue dries and gives the glass an added “bubbly” texture to it. And I love the way the photos look when shooting from this angle.

I have a vase, a coaster (shown below) and now this to grout. I’ve been reluctant to try it since the RSI is still healing. Yesterday I asked my daughter if she’d help me grout tomorrow, on her day off, and she got all excited! She LOVES to grout. I love it too and hope to soon get back to doing it!

Asuka (step-grandbaby), aged 8, refused to allow me to take her picture while she was creating her first mosaic. When I stood next to her trying to guide her, she more or less told me to leave her alone! I know she wanted to take her time and not feel rushed, so I did as she asked after showing her what to do. She enjoyed picking out the pieces she used and took much time deciding on them. I guess she thought I’d criticize her choices (which I never would do) and so I left her be until she finished. I asked her if she wanted to fill in some of the gaps, showing her the other coasters and she said no, she liked it that way. I like it this way too because it’s one-of-a-kind art made by Asuka! I think I may ask her if she wants me to add a bail to it, once grouted, so that she can hang it on the wall. I’m pleased all 3 grandchildren have made mosaics now. I’m not sure she’ll want to do it again, but if she does, I’ll be ready! And maybe, she’ll let me take a photo or two of her at work.

Asuka's First Mosaic!

I will soon be getting started on the catcher’s mask custom order. I drew an outline the other day by using a printout I had.

It looks like a Storm Trooper from Star Wars … hahaha and yikes … I hope adding black and grey to it will change it’s appearance. If not, I will be ripping it up until it looks like a mask.

I’m not settled on a background color yet, but I won’t really decide that until I get the mask more or less made. It usually comes to me as I work, so I’m fine with that.

I also gathered up some glass and placed it with a few dish shards that a customer may or may not approve of for the silver tray she wants me to make. I haven’t found the right combo for her yet and at one point recently I asked her if she wanted me to continue to try. I thought perhaps it would be best to find somebody locally that could do this for her because we haven’t been able to find what she wants me use. She likes my style, she says, and is willing to wait until we figure it out. Good to know! She hasn’t let me know if she likes this or not but I am hoping she does. It is hard working through computer/online photos with customers but not impossible. There’s a lot of communication back and forth and always that thought that it might not be exactly what they want when they finally see it in person looms in the back of my head. Having just experienced that times 10 with the rejected gazing balls order, I am a bit more concerned than I normally would be that she won’t like it. The customer is in no hurry, there is no deadline. Out of all the combinations I’ve done so far, I really do like this one the best. If she decides not to use these shards and glass, I’m putting them aside and using them on something for the future!

I was gifted recently (and surprised!!) with a huge box of smashed up dishes from an online friend who does mosaics. She uses tiles and rarely uses dishes and knows I’ve been looking for vintage ones to use in my mosaics. She put some in a box and took a hammer to them and shipped them to me! I ended up with a really large amount of shards to play with and am still blown away by the generosity she has shown. She doesn’t want me to use her name, so I will just say thank you, once again, to one of the kindest people on the planet. I’m so very fortunate to know the people I do throughout the mosaics online community. Mosaic artists are the most loving, caring humans on the planet!

these all came out of one box

my favorite grouping of pinks and purples

I can’t wait to start using them! So many ideas came to mind as I was sorting them. I love the creative process.

Etsy News: Making treasuries like crazy and doing what I can to share the love on Etsy has, as always, been a rewarding way of meeting new people, finding new shops to favorite and making possible sales in the future.

I just listed a pendant for Valentine’s Day that will only be listed throughout February. I have a few more I want to list and hope to do that before Friday. The others will probably stay longer than a month but there won’t be too many listings for pendants just yet. I enjoy making pendants and might get back to making them again at some point. I have many, many, way too many now, that I can list. I wasn’t going to add any pendants on Etsy this time, thinking the jewelry market is pretty well saturated on that site for sure, but I do think I will list them anyway. Nothing ventured …

Tomorrow is a virtual shopping day finishing up the treasuries from the “Play It Forward Treasury Game”. It’s been a lot of fun.

Stay peaceful.

©2012 Cindy White, EarthMotherMosaics