Not really all that much to report this week. Still recovering from the injury. It’s a slow healing process hindered by days when I don’t give myself enough down time or it rains. Yesterday I felt pretty good and sat at the computer too long. Today I am in tremendous pain and rain is predicted to arrive soon. Bad combo for me.

This means I’m doing very little at the work table. No actual work is getting completed but I am gathering things up for future projects; I’d like to get something made before Valentine’s Day to put in my shop because I found an awesome plate in my stash filled with hearts a good friend gave me to use in mosaics. I’m thinking the shards would look great placed on a frame with some other yummy materials on it. If I am able, I’ll get to it soon!

Pretty plate once nipped into shards will get used on a frame.

I also decided this year to take one week a month and dedicate it to a Christmas mosaic item. I had nothing to share that had the holiday decor on it this year. If I break it up and really do it every month, I should have at least 10 items to list and share when the time comes.

One easy project is taking this vintage milk glass candy bowl and putting the nipped up dish next to it inside the bottom. This will give it a cool look, it can still be used as it is, but it will be upcycled and a piece of mosaic art once completed to use as it’s intended purpose or to display on a shelf or table all by itself.

Candy dish will get some holiday shards added soon.

I sold the crescent moon with the swinging star this week! It was placed with the small star mosaic and listed as a set but the customer only wanted the one. This was the 3 piece set that I was not sure how to list them. Now that the moon is sold, the star will be saved for the table at a festival happening over the summer.

The sun is still available and was made into a separate listing. It is my featured item for Friday.

Time to go rest until I’m needed to watch the grandbabies.

Stay peaceful.

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