I will visit this theme often as it’s a favorite. It’s so much fun to cruise Etsy to find these things.

©2012 OriginalsbyLauren, Handmade Quilted Pot Holders Set of 2 Retro Kitchen, Price: $13.00

©2012 PeppermintBark, Set of 4 Vintage Mod Floral Pedestal Coffee Mugs, Price: $16.00

©2012 albrechtsantiques, 1970s Kitchen Clock Electric Wall Clock, Price: $12.00

©2012 TwiggyandOpal, Retro Kitchen Towel - Vintage Look, Price: $9.50

©2012 ItchforKitsch, Retro Mushroom Kitchen Decor, Set of Two Orange Wooden Wall Hangings, 60s, 70s, Price: $20.00

©2012 Brimfieldfinds, Vintage Enameled Kitchen Canisters Set of 4 Free shipping in US, Price: $55.00

©2012 Poppycbrilliant, V I N T A G E Green Metal Chafeing Dish Retro Atomic Style, Price: $28.00

Congrats to Albrecht’s Antiques for the sale this week on the 1970s Kitchen Clock Electric Wall Clock shown above!

Stay peaceful.

©2012 Cindy White, EarthMotherMosaics