Health: I’m making very slow progress with my RSI recovery but I’m making progress just the same. At least it’s not getting worse! Another few weeks will take me to the time when I can put more than a few minutes at the work table without pain. I’m looking forward to it!

Studio: I have managed to do a few things, mostly prep for the next projects.

primed small wooden tray, rocking horse in MDF and wooden leaf

I also have a catcher’s mask to try to mosaic and am still working out how to do it in my head. I’ve almost got it figured out but won’t share the thoughts or photos until I’ve been able to work on it a bit.

While looking for a few things to prime the other day, I found old clay pots I had been given for smashing. They were in bad shape; cracked, holes in them in the middle of the pots, no longer usable as they are. Taking a hammer and no real strength behind it (don’t have it at the moment anyway) I broke up the pots into pieces. These were made in Mexico according to the stamp on the bottom and one pot had 1976 stamped on the bottom. Awesome! Vintage pottery shards to play with!!

vintage pottery shards

Etsy: I’ve listed a few things on Etsy but one thing I thought I would list has now become something I won’t be able to sell just yet. The 6 inch gazing ball prototypes I made over the summer have been polished up and rephotographed. The one with triangles is listed and has been getting a little bit of attention and love. That’s always nice.

Mosaic Gazing Ball, Gold Mirror, Centerpiece, Home Decor, Price: $75.80

As usual, the price includes shipping/handling/insurance.

Artsy Home: I listed “Star Shine” on both sites this week. I made this a few years ago. It’s been bounced around from site to site and has been displayed in a few places too. Now it is once again available with updated photos to show the awesomeness of the tangerine, lemon, lilac and royal blue stained glass!

Mosaic Wall Art, Star with Crescent Moons and Swirly Clouds, Stained Glass, Star Shine, Price: $147.75 + $19.25 s/h/insurance

Everything Else: The gazing ball that won’t be listed had a face lift. This is the one that was made using square pieces of gold mirror and I ran out of it before I could finish up the mosaic. So I grabbed silver mirror and finished it. Grouting the gold in antique white and the silver in black, I always knew there was more to do on it, but I didn’t know what. While resting over the weekend, I figured it out.

I painted Chakra colors on the ball starting at the line where the gold and silver mirror meet and going in both directions. It looks terrific now and actually helped me with my meditation the other day. It may just stay here with me forever!

Most Important: If you depend on free internet, enjoy reading my blog, seeing my items on Etsy and Facebook, etc. please sign the petition to End Piracy, Not Liberty. I’ve signed it because not only would my business cease to exist but the way my grandchildren learn and grow would suffer greatly. Take action, sign the petition. It only takes a moment of your time. Let your voice be heard. Here are a few sites where you can read about it, sign the petition and stay informed:

Thank you!

Stay peaceful.

©2012 Cindy White, EarthMotherMosaics