Last week I wasn’t able to do a Friday’s Featured Item due to the RSI I mentioned on Wednesday but this week I am basically adding photos and copying from Etsy making it easier on me. Typing really hurts a lot! I’ll let the photos do the talking this week.

"Be My Valentine"

“Be My Valentine” is a diamond shaped 10 x 10 inch wooden frame covered in details.

A large silver heart pendant at the top was painted in red acrylics, sprinkled in gold glitter, covered in tempered glass or crash glass and grouted in charcoal then attached to the frame.

Around it are swirls of recycled silver mirror and stained glass in red and white similar in design to French curves.

Much of the stained glass was iridescent giving the red a pink/purple/blue hue depending on the light. Smalti glass surrounds the mirror in the center in white, red and dark green.

A gold colored Victorian heart shaped charm of a woman was added at the bottom and I used red stained glass around it. All stained glass and silver mirror was hand cut.

The mosaic was then grouted in charcoal, sides and back are painted in black gloss.

Ready for hanging, signed and sealed.

Be My Valentine

Mosaic Frame with Mirror, Diamond Shape, Stained Glass, Red White Black Silver, Be My Valentine, Price (includes shipping/handling and insurance): $125.75.

Stay peaceful.

©2012 Cindy White, EarthMotherMosaics