Happy Wednesday!

All work has come to a screeching halt due to an injury sustained while pushing so hard for the holiday rush on the heels of the large gazing ball order. Which by the way, unfortunately for us all, was rejected by the customer. Keep watch for a long series of posts in the months to come explaining the process from start to finish on what I did, what happened and what I learned. It didn’t go the way we wanted it to, but I learned many valuable lessons and that means everything to me. As long as I continue to learn from my mistakes, I will never feel that I’ve failed.

My muscles in my left shoulder, arm and down to the fingertips are bruised, swollen and in pain which is commonly known as repetitive stress injury. Not uncommon for a mosaicist whether full time work or hobby craft fun, it can be quite painful. Arthritis set in a bit too because the weather is colder. It is not the first time I’ve experienced this, but it is the first time I’ve had to step away from the work table for more than a week. It could take another full 2 weeks to a month before I’m able to do a long day of mosaic fun once again.

What this means for me is lots of rest, ice/heat treatments, heavy duty pain relievers and limited computer usage. Easing back into mosaics as my body will allow it. The injury can cause boredom once the treatments start to work but instead of going there, I allow the creative process to continue, thinking of new things to work on when I’m able, jotting them down if my left hand will bend and go back to resting. In this way, I feel like I am still able to do some things.

I did list one thing this morning on Etsy and will list another later today, I hope. Each are in black, red, silver and white tones which are popular around this time of year. Valentine’s Day gifts should be unique and these items definitely are!

I am not able to sit for long periods at the computer or anywhere for that matter, but manage to get a few things done a little at a time when I need to. It takes longer, but the final results are the same.

Mosaic Frame, Red White Black Silver Grey Stained Glass Mirror, Price: $90.75

Be My Valentine

The 2nd one has tons of interesting pieces and swirls and many pieces of stained glass, some Smalti (ordinary glass colored with metal oxides mostly made in Italy), iridescent glass and of course recycled silver mirror. I hope to get it priced and listed by the end of the day today. Yay!!

A few weeks ago I signed up with a new place to share my mosaics. It’s been around for a while but I just learned of it. Artsy Home is another venue along with Etsy to share the more intense art pieces I make. One such piece was just added.

Coasting On the Wings of Tomorrow

I finished up the sun catcher and it was delivered over the weekend. I like the way it looks. I hope I can make another one like this at some point soon. It won’t look exactly the same, but I do like the simple design that still manages to make a nice impact thanks to the beauty of stained glass.

Sunflower sun catcher

And now it’s time to go rest up a bit … again … have a great week!

Stay peaceful.

©2012 Cindy White, EarthMotherMosaics