stained glass vase work-in-progress

The studio is not exactly buzzing this week. I took some time off to regroup and organize a little bit, in between fighting a cold while waiting for glue to dry and inspiration to arrive again. Hibernation has begun!

This vase is a gift for my daughter who doesn’t read my blog posts or check out my photos so I’m fairly sure she won’t ever know I’ve posted the work-in-progress. It is one of two gifts that were supposed to be for Christmas. I am not in any hurry to get them done and because she understand how I work sometimes needing lots of breaks and rest between projects, she’s not in a hurry to receive it.

small section still be covered in stained glass - work-in-progress

This photo shows the glass on the other side of the vase through the spot still left to work on – kinda cool to see it this way. If the pain I’m in subsides enough (good ole’ arthritis has arrived along with the cold and the colder temps to give me trouble again this year) to work on it today, I will finish gluing the glass down on it and put it aside to dry. Yay!

You may have noticed the photos are altered slightly and have the copyright on them. This is not to protect my work, honestly. It’s mostly because I think the effects rock! Using the “boost” feature in the photo program from and some other cool features on that site, helps to show what stained glass REALLY looks like if you see it in person. I was thrilled to learn that by enhancing the colors just a bit (sometimes more than a bit) they seem to leap off of the page. This seriously thrills me to no end because now when I list things on Etsy, I can actually show the viewer what they might truly see once they have the item in their hands. I am pleased about this and spent quite a few days going over all the photos on Etsy and enhancing most of them. Once I used the “boost” option on them, I made a few sales too. I do believe when you place my things near sunlight, what you see in the photos is exactly what you see streaming through the window and through my mosaics. It’s been hard to capture mosaics in their truest form for me even using a fairly decent digital camera didn’t really show the beauty you see when you look at them with your own eyes. I don’t alter the photos at all other than to soften the corners or boost the colors and would never change the colors because the stained glass I use most of the time is way too pretty to change anyway. What it does do for my mosaics, though, is give you a chance to see what I see. That.Is.Awesome!!

Lots of treasuries have been made and shared recently. I’ve been in quite a few too which always is a sweet gesture when someone finds my mosaics to use in them. I joined many teams within the last few months and decided to make a treasury for each team (17 of them) using all teammates shops over the weekend. This was challenging but fun. And it made me appreciate my teammates work a lot more too.

I noticed a lot and I mean a LOT of shops sell jewelry. I didn’t realize, although many had said it, exactly how saturated Etsy has become with it all. Handmade wrap earrings and necklaces, using beautiful beads (many fused by the artist) and bracelets made of leather, copper and other things I enjoy looking at such as vintage brooches and pins – all lovely. I knew after see them all that if I list my pendants they will be in good company. It was a bit of a surprise to see the 1,000’s of shops who just sell jewelry. Many of them do very well too. Kudos to them all!!

Not much else to report on right now. Grouting will be done soon on the two mosaics almost ready (sunflower sun catcher and small baseball). And then onto the next!

Stay peaceful.

©2012 Cindy White, EarthMotherMosaics