I’ve just started listing on an additional site a few days ago (other than on Etsy); this was the 2nd thing I listed. Click on the first photo and it will take you to the site. The site is Artsy Home and I will fill in all the info next Wednesday during the “In the Studio” post.

I truly love this piece. It’s filled with activity, done in my favorite design choices, looks dimentional even though it’s flat and has so much stained glass and tempered glass on it, it almost weights 4 pounds!

The design is my favorite: crescent moon, bright bursting sun, swirls. In the center, I placed tempered or crash glass on the mirror. Before I did, I mixed a little bit of white paint with some of the glue, painted it on the mirror and added the tg immediately on top to give it a cloud look. It’s hard to see in photos but in person, you can see it. It’s subtle but it’s there.

The sides have iridescent rust brown glass all along them (hand cut of course) and were grouted too. I don’t usually do that with my pieces, opting to paint the sides or using a cool ribbon to attach to it instead. This time, the mosaic dictated what it wanted, and I listened. I think it’s awesome.

 You may have noticed the watermarks on the photos. I’m still working on those on each photo I’m using because I share them on so many sites. I am not overly protective of my photos or my art. What I do with both is basic and can be learned or taught by much better folks than I. However I kinda love the look of the little blurb with the year and my business name on it. Some I see as a cool addition to the photo, some I think hinder the look so I will go back and tweak those until I’m happy. Could take a while but it’s worth it in the end.

Here’s the description for this awesome piece of mosaic wall art.

“Night Into Day” is filled with small pieces of hand cut stained glass in squares and triangles. A crescent moon sits among windy swirls. The blues used are to give the impression of a night sky turning into a bright one. The firey sun looks hot, in more ways than one! The outer side edges are covered in an iridescent rust brown stained glass.

This is an MDF frame with a mirror in the center. I placed tempered glass over the mirror but just before I did I made a mixture of glue and white paint to give the tempered glass and mirror the look of clouds. Impossible to photograph the effect because of its reflective nature, this must be seen to really be appreciated.

I gave this a 3-D effect by moving the moon and sun onto the sides and the center of the mosaic.

Grouted in a charcoal gray, the back is painted in a light gray and has a D-ring and a felt foot attached for balance and to protect your walls from scratches when it is hung.

Hours invested: 20

Price: $193.20

Stay peaceful.

©2011/2012 Cindy White, EarthMotherMosaics