There isn’t much new this week to mention, really. The studio has been a little quiet.

We're taking lots of naps ...

I’m taking the time to go through all the pics on Etsy of my listed items and adding my copyright and update them to 2012. After listing 30 items, I decide to add the copyright, now?!? Sigh. It is going to be a long week or more of playing with the photo programs I love so much. Thank goodness for those! I can do a few listings at a time but then need to do something else. Concentration for long periods of time, although it doesn’t take much to do this task, is something I lack.

I did manage to get the baseball completed but not grouted and the customer had surgery just before Christmas so they aren’t in any hurry to get it. I know I have time to get it done. She’s seen this photo and says she loves it. Yay! She also ordered a baseball mask (catcher’s, I think?) which will take some doing and a long time to get completed. Glad she’s not in a hurry for that!

not yet grouted but it looks like a baseball!

The gifts I’ve been making for my family still sit waiting to be either completed or started. I know they will appreciate them when they get them. And I know, they know, that sometimes it takes me a while.

a mosaic vase, a belated holiday gift for my daughter, has stalled due to lack of energy ... looks good so far, though ...

This week, the past year’s events have caught up with me. Getting the news that my mammoth gazing ball job was not acceptable for the customer and they want a refund (as is their right which is stated in the contract I wrote up) was devastating but not life-altering. I have kept my perspective and my positive thoughts continue. Of course, now I have to figure out how to find the money to send back to them, which won’t be easy. Unfortunately, all the money they sent me was used for materials and shipping. I didn’t make a profit or have anything left after buying a celebratory bottle of wine for $7 with what I saved in shipping using my printer to do the postage and having the postal services pick them up.

Plus, in truth, I’m disappointed in myself; I didn’t do the best I could do as an artist, but I did the best I could do with the budget I had. I’m not surprised she wasn’t happy with them because I wasn’t either. I had to take shortcuts and it showed in the end results.

As I said before, I have learned a lot and will somehow find the money to pay the customer back in due time probably with the help of my daughter who has a generous nature but very little actual cash on hand, like her Mom.

I suggested the customer donate them to a church or some place that could use them. Shipping was a nightmare and I don’t want them back anyway – I truly have no room for them and can’t dismantle them for the mirror to reuse, although I thought about it. I had almost let them go of them and all the things I disliked about them when I got the email from the customer. So it is fresh on my mind again and I have to once again let it go. Lumps, bumps and all. As shiny as they were, they still weren’t good enough and I knew it.

As promised, I’ll be writing a series of posts about this journey sharing them on Sundays. They are called: “What I Learned Over The Summer”. It will be written mostly for myself as a journal of sorts, but it will be posted each week for 4-6 weeks with photos of the spheres and what I did to try to get them made within the budget allowed.

The biggest lesson I learned was that you can’t make ten 12 inch in diameter gazing balls for $1,000 and be happy with the results. The next time I get a large order for anything, not just gazing balls (and it might take a while before I do) I will be more prepared. I’m altering my listing on Etsy for the gazing balls custom orders to reflect these newly learned things. The first change and the most important one, I believe, is when I do another multiple order like this one, I am going to send one as it’s completed. Get the okay or no way from the customer and then start on the next. It will add to the time frame to get them completed, but it will be worth it. Customer and artist will be happy.

But now, it’s time to rest and allow the quiet time in while I can. Everything will get completed, I have plenty of time and there is no rush.

It is a week of reflection as the end of 2011 approaches for many of us. I always do my New Year’s Resolutions on my birthday in September because it is when I start a new year, after all. But I do like to reflect on the full year and how it changed me or how I changed it. I am looking back at how much, both good and bad, has happened this year and am thankful for it all. Yes, I really am thankful. If it weren’t for the horrible things and nasty people in my life, I wouldn’t be aware of the wonderful things and loving people in my life. And so it goes. That is how I see things and how I am able to keep a positive spin on life events. 2011 has been a wonderful journey. I survived it. That’s amazing.

As far as actual work goes, I did list a few new things on Etsy within the last few weeks. All were older pieces I already had made. One was in a gallery for a while, another star box (the largest) was added to the “Wish Upon’s” section, 2 of the hand painted peace signs which were part of a group of 5 have been listed. I sold 1 last year, I thought I’d list the other 4. The sun was out the day I took pics of them. I like the way they look. And the other two are part of the series of 3 mosaic circles I made. Instead of taking you to the listings or adding links, below are photos of them with their new copyrights displayed! I’m still tweaking them so the final look of the text may be slightly different by the time they get onto Etsy.

Stained Glass Mosaic, Abstract, Upcycled, Tempered Glass, Vintage Ashtray, Re-purposed, Sun catcher, Price: $48.95

Mosaic Stained Glass, Crescent Moon and Star and Small Stars in a Night Sky (shown below), 2-pc Wall Art Set, Price: $32.65

Mosaic Stained Glass, Crescent Moon and Star (see above) and Small Stars in a Night Sky, 2-pc Wall Art Set, Price: $32.65

Hand Painted Art, Peace Sign, Ornament, Bohemian Confetti - Magenta and Blue, Price: $23.50

Peace Sign, Hand Painted Art, Ornament, Bohemian Confetti - Yellow and Magenta, Price: $23.50

Mosaic Star Box, Large Blue and Silver, Home Decor, Fairy Dreams, Wish Upons, Price: $46.00

Happily, a treasury I made a few weeks ago as part of a challenge came in third place out of 30 treasury’s! That’s a huge deal for me. They are so fun to make because I use color mostly to decide on how to create them. Also, this was the first time I entered their challenge so it was really awesome to discover I came in 3rd! Woo! As long as people keep creating awesome things with awesome colors, treasury’s will always be something I find time to curate. Here’s the 3rd place treasury:

And I think that’s it for this week. Please have a safe and healthy New Year. Be happy. Don’t worry. Remember to breathe deeply and often. And most of all …

… stay peaceful.

©2011/2012 Cindy White, EarthMotherMosaics