Happy Wednesday! The pace has sped up to make sure everything is ready for the upcoming holiday events. It’s no different here in the studio!

Custom Orders: A few folks have asked me to make them some unique gifts this year. Once I finished the mammoth job of the 10 gazing balls, I gave myself a few days rest and then got to the orders still waiting to be done!

sunflower sun catcher waiting for glue to dry

dark grout will make this sun catcher's colors POP!

I did the sun catcher in an afternoon and started in on the next, something completely different last night only to find my mojo had disappeared and I was yanking off glass and not happy with anything. I knew it was time to rest and leave the next one for today.

This one is on a small 4×4 piece of MDF and will be a baseball. Well, it’s supposed to look like a baseball anyway. I am going to use tempered glass and see if I can cut slivers of red to make the stitching on the ball. It has been challenging. If the substrate was large, I’d have no problems making it. The customer wants things small and affordable, so that means I cut glass into slivers to make it fit! Fingers crossed I can get my mosaic to look like the inspiration photo.

tweezers are needed for this job!

Next up will be my gifts for the family I love who support me in all ways. I’ll share what I’ve done for them next week or maybe in a few weeks depending on how long it takes me to get them all completed.

Etsy News: Lots of treasury’s are being made and more will be added daily to my normal routine. As I join more teams to share the treasury’s I make, it is important to share the items of teammates in a treasury once in a while. A few teams actually stipulate that you must make a few each month using only items from other teammates’ shops. I’m fine with that; I love the exposure I get by doing treasury’s and believe it has helped make the sales I’ve had within the last few weeks. I also love sharing what I find that is pretty, unique, whimsical or vintage in my treasury’s. It’s all a love-fest for me and I am happy to spread the joy of my Etsy experience with all the social avenues I have available to me.

All this week I am doing a treasury a day using ornaments and holiday decor, food, etc that I am finding in my searches. They will all soon be gone and it will once again become more difficult to find items to use in treasury’s. During the summer it’s especially challenging as many empty their shops to take to craft fairs or to take time off for vacations and fun life adventures.

For all of those kind folks who have used my items in treasury’s lately, I thank you very much!

All packed up and ready to go!

This retro frame is leaving me today. I have mixed emotions for sure about it. My source for making this kind of shaped frame in MDF no longer makes them and I mentioned before that I was keeping the one I have available for myself (shown below). It is part of a grouping called: “I See Vegetables”. I really thought I could sell the set at some point and perhaps I will be able to eventually. But for now, it stays with me.

The title was given by my father who said when he saw these: "I See Vegetables"

The mosaics I had wanted to list but weren’t sure whether to list together or separately are still not listed. Not much feedback came from anyone about how to offer them, so I’ve decided to make the sun a listing of it’s own and then the moon and stars mosaics as a set. And I plan to do that before my head hits the pillow tonight!

I also have more “Wish Upon’s” star boxes ready to list, along with a set of coasters that were discovered at the bottom of a box last week. I might actually work on them a bit … not sure I am happy with how they look after being out of sight for a while. I may tweak them, put bails on them for hanging and not offer them as coasters at all. Or I may leave them alone and list them. Here’s what they look like now.

Dark Side of the Moon coasters

These were taped off and grouted in two different colors. Charcoal grey and white.

close up

I really like them as wall art. I might have just made my decision and add some bails to them soon. 🙂

Other News: Last year I stopped posts during the holidays, but this year I’m still going to post as usual. Because the holiday is on the weekend and I’m not hosting any parties this year (my grown up 24 year old daughter is hosting her first Christmas day dinner in her first apartment!) I have time to ramble and enjoy myself – NO CLEANING!!! Yay!

Speaking of rambling, the blog I have on blogger dedicated to some mosaic items I didn’t think I’d put on Etsy will be closing at the end of the year and revamped to be a chatty blog, similar to this one, but will be more posts along the lines of inspirational thoughts and ways I have found to fight negative thoughts and patterns. In other words, pure ramblings for ramblings sake. I’ve been considering taking the advice from a few great friends and write a small e-book on the subject to sell but I am not sure I’m quite ready for that. I do think I have some good advice and things to share about how to fight the blues. I want to share and maybe help one or two folks if I can, learn how to switch gears during the hardest time of the year … winter. So many struggle with depression. Perhaps one person will read what I have to share and try it. In January 2012 after I’ve had a chance to take the items from the blog and list them on Etsy (maybe) I’ll be making the changes at that point. And I’ll share the link here once it’s up and switched over so you can go check it out!

Well, this baseball mosaic is calling me to get going on it!

Happy Holidays!!!!

Stay peaceful.


©2011 Cindy White, EarthMotherMosaics