I have always had a true love affair with copper. I also love enamel and copper together but this week, it’s all about the delightful look of hammered copper, beautiful pieces of home decor, vintage copper for the kitchen, wall art and scrap copper.

©2011 Harmonicajane, vintage copper and brass box, Price: $22.00

©2011 Fabitecture, Hammered Copper wall art, Price: $195.00

©2011 Raku4u, Blue Copper Lidded Raku Vase or Urn, Price: 98.00

©2011 astrokeofgenius, Huge Modern Oxidized Copper Clock with Brushed Aluminum Face 18 x 11 makes a distinctive gift, Price: $169.00

©2011 VintageEye, Vintage Jello Molds Copper Molds, Price: $14.00

©2011 NorthShoreIronWorks, Sequanota Wrought Iron and Copper EndTable, Price: $450.00

©2011 cynthiasattic, Copper Mixing Bowl, Price: $38.00 (Sold on 12/13/11)

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Next week will be all about a favorite color of mine! Woo-hoo!

Stay peaceful.


©2011 Cindy White, EarthMotherMosaics