Last year I made a few sets of these boxes in colored mirror, iridescent glass and silver mirror with a magical idea behind them. I was looking through glass deciding what to use when “When You Wish Upon A Star” came to mind. I kept humming the tune and lo and behold, “Wish Upon’s” were born. The awesome idea behind them (described below) produced 2 sets of 3 boxes and a set of tapered candle holders so far.

Around the time I listed “Wish Upon’s” initially on Etsy last year, I was having a hard time in life and I felt the need to find something to believe in. These seemed like the answer and honestly, they helped keep me smiling when things were at their bleakest briefly.

Now that I’m over that hurdle and on the bright side again, I decided to include the smallest one of the 3 I still have here in my possession on Etsy and share the story behind them. I had planned to make dozens but I had started packing for my move at that point and knew I couldn’t keep making more until I could sell a few. I do hope to continue to make them when the mood strikes because I love them so much!

Last year way before I moved out of the area, I gave a set to the consignment shop at Tara’s Country Cottage in Skippack, PA ( in the 3 sizes they come in. I haven’t had the chance to visit Tara at the consignment shop since my move during the summer. I really do have to find the time to go see her and her new shop as she’s moved since I’ve been there. Consignment is hard to sell from because you have to mark your items up so high to make a profit that both the shop owner and the artist are happy with. But I love her shop and her items (wine inspired!!) and am thrilled that she asked me to share some mosaics to put in her shop. I gave her what I could fit in the car when it got closer to moving time! And seriously, I don’t miss much from the group of mosaics I gave her, so it’s all good! Hopefully they are being admired in her beautiful shop and I am thankful for that. That’s so much better than sitting in storage packed away in a box as many of my mosaics still are.

These can be seen at Tara's Country Cottage in Skippack, PA

This little pink beauty shines brightly measuring 3-3/4″ x 1-1/2″ and was made using hand cut iridescent pink glass and silver mirror and two colors of grout.

Here’s the story behind the creation of these boxes as described on Etsy:

¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*´¨)
(¸.•´ (¸*´¨(♥ WISH UPONS ♥

The thought behind my “Wish Upon’s” is quite simple. Write a wish (small or large) on a piece of paper, put it into the box, believe it can and trust it will come true.

Wish, Believe, Trust, Receive.

Those who believe in magical creatures and little spirits can give them a beautiful mosaic star box to watch over you tucking them away with your wish while you dream.

“Wish Upon’s” are not only decorative but they are functional and can hold more than dreams. The small one holds tiny trinkets, push pins, paper clips, fairy dust, etc. They can liven any room in your home, make great gifts or can be placed at your desk in your office if you’d like to gift yourself!

The idea for “Wish Upon’s” came to me when I was thinking about making my New Years’ Resolutions for 2011. I wrote down a few things and thought how cool it would be to put them in a box or container in the form of a wish. Not only would I believe they could come true, I can trust that they would. By allowing the Universe to take care of these things, we can rest assured we will receive them in time. If you allow these pretty mosaic boxes to hold your dreams while you continue to believe in your goals, nothing is impossible.

This awesome small star box was crafted using all hand cut stained glass in iridescent pinks then grouted in white. The sides of the top and the base are covered in silver mirror cut to fit and grouted in gray. An acrylic paint is added to the base as well as small felt feet to protect your furniture when placed on a table or dresser.

It is MY wish that everyone who owns a “Wish Upon’s” box can use it safely, however precautions must be taken. The inside of both top and base have been stained with an oil stain made for wood liberally. Please take care NOT to put food items in them. These are decorative and not food safe. The grout is sealed to protect it from stains, however these are not waterproof and should only be wiped clean with a dry cloth when cleaning. Each item in this series is signed and dated.

Visit again to see the newest additions as they are listed.

©2011 “Wish Upon’s” EarthMotherMosaics

The price of $33.30 includes shipping, insurance and handling.

I can see these as a nice gift for someone special, as an addition to shabby chic decor or in a little girls’ room as well as in a corner of anyone’s home used for those special wishes or magical moments just before sleep.

I love these little boxes, their concept and design and the story behind them. They remind me to always believe my wishes will come true. And everyone could use a little magic! Even if it comes from a small shiny pink star box.

Stay peaceful.


©2011 Cindy White, EarthMotherMosaics