Gazing Balls Update: It’s getting close, folks! I should have completed them by now, in truth, but the flu threw me for a loop and I lost about a week of time to work on much other than gaining my footing again. The customer has been a joy to work with and gave me until mid-December to have them delivered. She needs them when she coordinates the centerpieces with the florist and caterer. I can only imagine how beautiful they will be. I’m honored that I was asked to create something for a wedding. While they are very large (majestic!) they will be awesome just the same. I will share photos, if I’m able to get a few from the bride, of how they look placed on the tables.

They are beautiful and as I’m building them, once dry from the thin set, I place them in a box I’ve numbered to keep the incentive to continue going (seeing #8 completed the other evening was a pivotal moment because I knew I was very close to grouting them at that point). They are safe within these boxes from grandchildren and my own clumsiness.

Cutting mirror as I need it, I’m down to the last 16×20 inch sheet of awesome gold mirror and panic is creeping in wondering if I really do have enough to finish all 10 balls. Of course, I’m sure I do. This is a natural time for me to start to worry about everything as the deadline approaches. I try to push those panicky thoughts aside and continue on my way.

If I didn’t meditate often, I know I’d never be able to keep a positive thought in my head for long. I am always grateful for the time I devote to my personal mindfulness. It keeps me focused and mentally healthy. I am always aware of how I hear a negative thought and then switch it to a positive. That was how I trained myself to stay in a positive frame of mind and while it doesn’t always work, I can say for certain 75% of the time I don’t even have negative thoughts first any more! That’s a huge deal in my personal quest to stay inspired or “in spirit”.

The next big hurdle I will have with these is in shipping them. Packing them up in a separate box each is my thought, to keep each one safe and secure as they make their way to Virginia.

A family member said it might be better to pack them in our car and drive them there ourselves. I didn’t say it, but I had already thought of that! It would take a while to get to Virginia from Pennsylvania, but it would ensure their safe delivery! My Dad, an antiques dealer and restoration expert, often picks up and delivers furniture. Through the years it was not uncommon to find out he was heading out on a road trip to pick up a piece of furniture and months later he’d take the trek again to deliver it. It isn’t beyond the realm of possibility to make a road trip myself, however, I am fairly sure I will let a package delivery expert do the delivering job for me.

Looking like little golden eggs in a mosaic hatchery is the best way to describe how they look placed around my room. Both sides of the bed now are filling up with little boxes of gold. It is a lovely adventure in here when the sun is shining brightly! The light show is intense.

my room is filling up!

Etsy News: I’m thrilled to announce that I made a sale last night! This sun catcher/trivet will be getting shipped out very soon to it’s new owner. I am very pleased that this was the first one to sell from the re-opened shop. It was the one that made me decide to continue with my Etsy shop and will always hold a special place in my heart.


I had mentioned a few posts ago that I was going to list a few new things in my favorite theme to mosaic. First up is “Mr M” which is named after my grandson. This was one of those times when as I was cleaning off the grout, I realized I was grinning from ear-to-ear. I do love to grout, but the grin was due to the way the mosaic was starting to come to life. It is filled with mirror bits which makes it almost impossible to photograph, but here are a few shots I managed to take this morning:


Outlining the design using mirror and a lot of iridescent glass has giving this piece a cool personality. I like the stars within the moon in mirror and the smiling face seems to say: “all is well this night”. It is a good size: 13×15 inches and has a sturdy D-ring on the back. The paint on the sides and back may need to be redone, I noticed this morning. It didn’t get too badly beaten up during my move this summer, but there are some chips in the paint from the move, I’m assuming. That is an easy fix and one I’d rather do than try to fix the mosaic itself which is the important part! It’s easy to repaint.

The other mosaics were the series of 3 I made using the free-flowing hippie style I like to use when doing these designs.

Originally I wanted to sell these as a set but someone said each had enough personality to sell on it’s own.

I’m not going to list any of these right away but before I do, a little help from a few readers would be greatly appreciated. Do you think these 3 should be sold as a group or separately? Do you think the sun should be sold by itself and the moon and stars mosaics together? I’ve been trying to decide this on my own and placing them on my wall as a group has made it more difficult to make the decision.

Today I am going to move them around and hang them as I described above. The sun by itself and moon and stars ones as a set. Maybe once I get a few comments to this post about what you folks think, I will know what I should do.

Because I rarely do a grouping or a series, I always have trouble with the decision to break them up or keep them as a set.

Thanks in advance to all of those who help me with this. I’ll let you know next week what I decide (IF I’ve made the decision by then!!).

Other Studio News: I had shared this repurposed glass bowl a few weeks ago mentioning the glue was still milky under the glass after I grouted. I am pleased to say that the glue has finally dried. In the meantime, I am having a lot of emotional attachments to my mosaics right now and this is no exception. This too was made to list but somehow I’m having a hard time putting a price on it. It will sit here with me for a bit until I am no longer determined to charge hundreds of dollars for it. It’s not a realistic price when using emotion to determine what I should charge. This also needs a lot of cleaning still to do. I suppose once I’ve spent a few hours scraping all the grout off of it, I may be more willing to list it and let it go. That is very tedious and hard work!

the glue is dry!

I also got asked to make a custom wedding gift using the last small silver tray I have and dish shards. They found me through my Etsy shop, so of course, I’m more than thrilled about that! This isn’t a rush order which pleases me because I haven’t even begun to think about what to make for my family this year for Christmas. In years past, I’d have gotten most of them all completed by now. It looks like some might arrive a little late this year! But all will have as much TLC in them as they always do. My favorite gifts to make are ones I give to my family and friends. Made with love, given in love.

Now it’s time to get back to the work table, cut mirror and get #9 and #10 gazing balls completed. Let the grout fest begin! Woo-hoo!

Stay peaceful.


©2011 Cindy White, EarthMotherMosaics