When I started working on this a year ago, I named it “Just Warming Up”. I was starting a new series, if you want to call it that, of mosaics using my favorite sun, moon, stars, swirls designs. This was the first one in the group.

What followed was a large crescent moon I dubbed “Mr M”, and a triptych with a sun, crescent moon and stars in circles of varying sizes. During next week’s “In the Studio” post, I’ll share photos of them all. I would like some participation from my readers about a few things next week and will explain it more in detail then.

Meanwhile, I just listed this again on Etsy a few days ago. It was not easy for me to do that. I had made it to list when I first created it. But then something happened in my relationship with this piece and I found it hard to let it go. It actually makes me smile, breathe deeply, relax, each time I look at it.

I believe this makes a great tool in meditating if you need to use a Mandala when you practice your daily routine (if you do and I highly suggest you start if you don’t … meditating seriously saved my life more than once). When I’m having trouble paying attention to the guided meditations I like to use, I often stare at this while I’m listening to it. It calms the chattering in my head and often gets me back to a peaceful place required to relax.

When I was taking new photos of it to list it, I got a bit sad in realizing it might be sold and leave me. That is what I want when I list something of course, but I had really grown to love this one and was wondering why I was even considering parting with it. As I looked around my room and noticed the walls heavily laden with mosaics that I love just as much as this one, I knew why. I had decided that if it makes me feel good, it should go to someone else and help them feel good too.

Every mosaic I make has a huge part of me in it (not just DNA from the glass bites) and each has a little story to tell. When I first made this, I knew I wanted it to look like the Bohemian style I love to imitate in my art using Sanskrit art as an inspiration, 1970’s colors as the palette. That is my favorite way to work, to see the colors and a design in my head and then free-flow with it and see what happens.

I actually drew a bit of a design on this one when I knew mirror would be used as an outline for it. And I followed it too, which is some kind of miracle for me! Normally I draw a design and end up with something really different but just as satisfying.

What this all means is that it is now available for someone else to buy and appreciate for themselves or give as a special gift for a special someone. That makes me more than a little bit happy to know there is always that possibility when someone buys a mosaic I’ve made.

Because this is such a personal piece to me, I will mourn this one more than I normally do when a mosaic leaves me. When this one leaves me, a huge part of me will go along with it. And when it does, I truly hope the one it goes to will see the peaceful quality in it that I have found when I meditate.

Stay peaceful.


©2011 Cindy White, EarthMotherMosaics