Due to having the flu and a head cold, I’m not working much in the studio this week. The gazing balls are coming along well, in spite of a halt in the momentum. I’m half way through #8 and will grout them all very soon.

While I was laying down I noticed the view from my sick bed. Mosaics! These photos aren’t very good but I wasn’t feeling well when I took them. The reason I am sharing is because of the iridescent glass shining in the darker light just before the sun goes down. Amazing.

In spite of being sick, I have been active again this week with tumblr and making treasury’s often. I have been sitting at the computer more this week because I can’t stand very long just yet. This bug really hit me hard. This morning I made one called “Just Breathe”.  It features two teammates from the 24/7 Treasury Team.

Yesterday I made 4 treasury’s (see previous post) and tomorrow I’ll do 4 more. Someone asked me recently why I promote so many other shops and not my own as passionately. In truth, I am very passionate about my art but I have found the folks that like it, have seen it often and pushing it in my social circle is considered spam in my eyes. While I don’t feel that I need to defend how I choose to spend my time on Etsy, I do think I need to explain how enjoyable it is for me to spend time virtual shopping and finding other great shops to feature in the treasury’s I make.

I like finding new items made by others and showing them to the people who know my style preferences and my art. Sharing items I find made or found by others makes me happy and also introduces my shop to new people in a round-about way. The folks who share the treasury’s they are in, introduce 16 shops plus the curator’s shop each time they do. It takes a while to have folks check out my shop and sometimes it doesn’t happen at all. However, every so often I’ll have a day filled with items from my shop being favorited by other Etsians who found me through a treasury I’ve either been lucky enough to be in or have curated. Some favorite the treasury itself, which is a great honor. In turn, their circles get to see what they have favorited. And around it goes. We all pay it forward in our own way. An item has been chosen for at least one treasury a week since I’ve opened my shop again on Oct 1st. I think my way of sharing and showing how awesome so many people are is the right thing for me to do. I love what I do and the way I do it.

On that note, I think a favorite quote from my favorite inspirational leader is in order:

“Doing what you love is the cornerstone of having abundance in your life.”~Dr. Wayne Dyer

Stay peaceful.


©2011 Cindy White, EarthMotherMosaics