Today’s Featured Item is one of my funky and way cool peace signs. This one has lots of retro dish shards in it; nice vintage pieces and some pretty stylin’ ceramic flowers and brown glass “globs” as we call them in the biz. 😉

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I also have an observation. While I’ve been busy making tons of treasury’s for over a year, I have mentioned more than a few times how I won’t use a picture of an item if the photos are fuzzy, dark, not focused, etc. When I was deciding which item I should share today from my shop, I noticed this only had 11 views while all the other peace signs had more. After looking at the photos, especially the very first one, I knew why. It was this: Dramatic, yes. Eye appealing … no … I focused on the gathered cloth on the left side in this picture wondering why my eye kept going there. I wasn’t looking at the mosaic at all and the photo itself … well … it looked sort of out of focus to me.

I’ve taken more pictures this morning, using advice from a few others as to what they like to see when they first click on an item, which was an “in-your-face” shot first and then more subtle ones towards the end.

I’m never ashamed to say I am not perfect; my craft oozes with imperfections. That means I always have things to learn. I will never recommend someone use a white paper towel or white cloth (unless it’s a piece of vintage cloth in pristine condition) to photograph their jewelry like it was suggested by a few when I first started listing items. I did these photos today to show how they look:

paper towel background

white cloth background

Sometimes the above examples might work for your item. But it doesn’t work for mine in my opinion. While there’s really nothing wrong with them, my eye goes to what’s behind the pendant. I don’t focus on the pendant at all. I squint at the photos and think: “is that a paper towel???” and “that cloth should of at LEAST been ironed before being used”. Maybe I’m too critical, maybe I’m too picky, but I want the potential customer to need to buy my item more than they need to buy anyone else’s. The way to do that online, is by having a good photo and some observations and description of what it is.

Here is the photo I liked the best:

my favorite shot

Although the vase is a bit dusty … hahaha … it does give this pendant some visual details that I always look for when I shop. If I ever list this pendant, this shot will be taken again (with a less dusty vase) and used.

I have posted new photos of the mosaic peace sign on Etsy this morning. I hope it brings up the count for views and usages in treasury’s. And, in making a sale. But if it doesn’t, at least I know I’ve started to train my eye on what I feel is a good photo and what isn’t with my own items. I’m proud of myself for seeing there is always room to grow when listing items. And there are a few listed that will get new photos taken soon. I also think it’s a good idea to do this on a regular basis. As my perception changes, so do the photos I use. Growth is a wonderful thing!

This and other cool mosaics goodness can be found at – stop in and look around. Enjoy!

Stay peaceful.


©2011 Cindy White, EarthMotherMosaics