Custom Order: Is coming along very well. I’m about 1/2 way finished now. Yay! As I finish each ball (not yet grouted) I place them inside a 12×12 box and set them aside. They are out of the way and won’t roll around.

the work area

I have learned through the years that creating triangles almost always causes a cut or two no matter how much I try to keep the edges from snagging or being too sharp. Every time I move these balls I find if I pick them up too quickly, I get hurt. Sometimes using mirror makes it difficult to grind without losing the foiling on the back. It is best to remind the people around these kinds of mosaics to handle with extreme care. Hopefully once grouted they will lose a little of their “bite”. But they are sharp right now. OwWWeeee.

some of the assembly line ... ready for grout

New Mosaics: I took myself away from the gazing balls for a day and spent it grouting all the mosaics I had waiting their turn very patiently. In one day I grouted 5 pieces. It doesn’t sound like a lot but it took me close to 10 hours to do them. 2 hours per piece is the average for me. Some are easy and quick to grout while others take many hours. Clean up, polishing and sealing takes time too.

Sometimes I like the look of what the grout does to pieces of glass that have creases in it or marks of some kind and I leave the grout in those pieces. Other times I will stare at one piece of glass perplexed as to HOW to get it clean enough to suit me. I have an entire drawer filled with tools, so I can’t use not having the right tool as an excuse. It’s more the way it looks … if it’s pleasing to the eye as it is or will it lose some appeal if I start digging and cleaning up spots that bug me. I put those aside and go back to them often. The candle luminary I just listed this morning was one of those. In the end, I left most of the grout on the pieces that bugged me. I like it!

I think all of them will get listed on Etsy this week or within the week. I wasn’t going to list wall art on Etsy again this time around; the piece below is an exception. It is a framed mirror but I covered the mirror with tempered glass. That means it’s no longer a frame nor is it a mirror. But it fits into the frame category in my mind, so that’s that. I could post it in the blogger shop but I think it’ll hang out on the Etsy shop for a bit and see how it goes.

purple tones candle luminary

The newest addition to the luminary family is all in pinks/purples. The same colors were used in the bowl below.

upcycled glass bowl

Love that grape!

Grouted the tray in white to give it a Shabby Chic look.

Upcycled Shabby Chic Porcelain Tray

The bowl below was a piece that was with my Great Aunt for years sitting in a corner collecting dust. When she passed away I got this (along with the glass bowl and porcelain tray above as well as lots of other treasures) and figured I’d add a mosaic to it at some point. When I picked it up out of the box a few years ago it fell apart. I tried really hard to glue it, fix it, give it TLC. After many applications of glue it stayed together. I used a green oil based paint on it and it didn’t stay on too well, puddling under the base of the bowl and left small round drops — very visible. I tried a few things to get rid of them but each time I tried something it just didn’t “take”. I didn’t want to sand it because it had some green around it that I wanted to keep. Leaving it alone was my decision. I covered the entire thing in dish shards and they fell off except for the center, I’m assuming because of the stain that was on the wood when it was first made or perhaps from polish my Aunt may have used on it. I put it aside for a while to give me time to think about what to do. I didn’t want to lose the wood to primer. On Monday I decided to take advantage of all the patinas it has acquired, quite by accident thanks to me, giving it many imperfections and leave them all. I covered the exposed wood with a tint of Burnt Umber and oil and allowed the green to come through the tint where it wanted to, puddled droplets on it’s undercarriage and all. I’m pleased with it. It’s not perfect but it has a lot of character. Just like me. 🙂

wooden bowl

no longer fresh and new but still beautiful to me

The last piece is the framed mirror that is now wall art. Crescent moon, swirls within a night blue sky that lightens as the bright sun wakes up to shine brightly. We’re to have gloomy skies for the next few days so hopefully when the sun comes out again and I can get some more photos taken because in the sun, this rocks. My eye starts at the top left swirl and goes down to the sun. I had trouble naming this one. Sometimes they “speak” to me as I work on them, but this one was more “vocal” about it’s color choices and design. A tentative name for this is: Night Into Day. What do you think?

The sides are covered in iridescent rust stained glass. The back will be painted in gray today, I think, and D-ring will be re-attached. These frames were constructed really well so it should hold this 3.6 lb piece of art without a problem.

Challenge Piece: This isn’t a mosaic … yet … but it might end up becoming a mixed media piece with mosaic somewhere in it or around it. Or it could end up in the garbage. This is grout that dried in an old container while I was busy wrangling grandchildren. When it plopped out in one piece I immediately saw a piece of art. When I look at it now, I see something magical around it, like faeries. Which means glitter, of course. 😉 So this won’t stay a dark piece for long. How to get what I see into reality … that’s the challenge. Check back here to see how it’s going because right now I see what I want to do but I don’t know exactly how to do it. I gladly accept the challenge!

this way?

or this way??? hmmmmm ...

Etsy News: Last week I talked about the teams I’m active with and I have more news in regards to that this week as well. I am very happy to announce that EarthMotherMosaics has been chosen as one of the 5 Featured Shops on the Promoting Creative Friends blog! Please check it out, and if you have an Etsy shop add your link to it. It’s a great team; I’m so pleased to be part of it!

Tomorrow is another virtual shopping day for me sharing the Shops of the Day through the PCF Team which means 4 more treasury’s for me to create! Woo-hoo!

Tumblr: Don’t forget to hop on over to “Eye for Design and Color”. This week my theme is red!

Stay peaceful.


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