Every morning the Promoting Creative Friends Team over at Etsy shares 4 shops within the team and asks us to find and share one item from each shop. I love spreading the love and when time permits I will share the items I’ve found here in an extra blog post. It is something they do for me every so often and I like helping creative folks whenever I can. It won’t be a daily thing, probably only twice a week or if I’ve got extra time perhaps three times a week. After this, only 4 shops at a time will be in a post in either a treasury or a photo of each of my 4 favorite items.

Because I have a soft spot for the other team: Creative Mosaic Artists Team, I’m thinking I might have to find, favorite and share some of the mosaics my long-time buddies have been making too. Seems only fair, doesn’t it?! Once I get the rhythm figured out with the PCF Team posts, the other team will get a dedicated post too. Yay!

Yesterday I made 4 treasury’s sharing an item from the Shops of the Day in each one. I would like to do that every day but I know I might not be able to. It depends on the time I have and what I’m working on, the grandkids and life in general. When I do share them, I will share all 4 in one blog post. I love making treasury’s and will do them as often as I can. Yesterday while taking breaks from working on the gazing balls, I found it easy to make them up. I really do enjoy creating treasury’s. It’s so much fun to find items that compliment each other and put them altogether in one spot. It’s like a mini-catalog of my favorite things each time I make one. Very cool!

Here are yesterday’s treasury’s (click on each photo to take you to the individual treasury on Etsy). I had fun finding themes for each Shop of the Day. In each case, the first item listed is the featured shop.

Vintage At It's Best

An At Home Spa Day

Guest Room Comfort

The Colors of Christmas

And here are today’s Shops of the Day favorites that I’ve chosen. Click on each photo to take you to their shop. There you’ll find pricing and other goodies to look at.

Pistachio and Strawberry Ice Cream Bead Earrings

Beautiful Gumpaste Stargazer Lily Perfect for Wedding Cakes and Your Special Cakes

2 sets Tibetan silver 3 piece Toggle Clasps 36mm x 15mm

Wood Leaf Earrings - 3 Color Choices - Silvia

Part of being a community on Etsy is sharing the love and finding a creative way to do so. I’m learning as I go what works for me. Doing the themed blog posts on “Eye for Design and Color” on tumblr using Etsy finds and sharing what I can here is a great way to be involved. Artisans and shop owners on Etsy depend on “word of mouth” or in this case, social marketing through the internet, to make a sale. I’m one of those people. I hope you’ll think about buying handmade items or something really cool like a vintage piece being sold in an Etsy shop when searching for gifts for your loved ones, co-workers, teachers and friends. If you find something that I’ve shared with you and decide to purchase it or share it with others, let me know. Nothing gives me greater joy, besides having a sale myself, in helping another person get a sale or having someone say how much they love the item I’ve found. It rocks!!

Stay peaceful.

©2011 Cindy White, EarthMotherMosaics