The story behind this peace sign is not unusual when it comes to the way I approach my work. I knew I wanted to use vintage dishes and I knew I wanted them all to be complimentary in color using earth tones.

Not making many plans as to the set up or placement, which is also normal for me, I started out with a general idea as to what I was going to use and how but allowed the design to unfold as the tiles and glass were being glued down.

For this peace sign, I used hand cut vintage dish tiles (referred to as Pique Assiette which is a style of mosaic that incorporates pieces of broken ceramics such as plates, cups and tiles and other found objects into the design) in greens and browns in many retro designs that were donated, bought and salvaged, hand cut stained glass in brown and a few different shades of green, square glass green beads with a cool yellow flower in the center, Millefiori in geometric designs in burgundy and lime, glass rods hand nipped in small pieces of green, decorative gems in white, green and frost green and lime green glass tiles. Grouted in gray to give the tesserae (a term used for pieces of any kind of mosaic material) in my mosaic the pop we all love when using grout.

Painted in apple green acrylic on the back and along the inside of the symbol, the sides are trimmed with ribbon in a similar green with very small white polka dots. A D-ring has been attached for hanging. Signed, dated and sealed.

Measurements: 10 inches round.

Knowing only that I wanted this peace sign to have an earthy look to it, when I first started making it I was determined to keep it condensed to a few colors and that was it. I often have a way of wanting to use every color I find in the range of the colors I want and sometimes it is just too much. This time, however, I think the blending of color was a fairly good match and I’m quite pleased with the results. I think the time and effort shows in this peace sign and the vibe that it sends is soothing, earthy and peaceful. Exactly what I was hoping to achieve!

This groovy, earth-inspired piece of wall art can be found in my shop on Etsy.

Peace Sign Mosaic Vintage Retro Pique Assiette - Green Earth

Price: $70.75

Price includes shipping, insurance and handling to the US. Please convo me for international shipping quotes.

Stay peaceful.

©2011 Cindy White, EarthMotherMosaics