Happy Wednesday! I’m still struggling with a cold; on the days when I feel fine I am very busy making up for the days when I don’t feel all that great. It is the way of this thing but I’m thankful for the good days and thankful for the bad ones too because I can rest when I need to. It has, however, made the work go a little slower in the studio.

Nice Business News: Recently I was interviewed for a blog post by a fellow mosaicist and good friend, Rayna Clark. It was a pleasure to do this with her and I am pleased with the outcome. Check it out and let us both know what you think:


An item of mine was included in a Treasury this week. It’s called “Inner Peace” and I am honored to be featured in this colorful display. Click on the photo below and take a look at all the featured items.

Inner Peace by DivineOrders

Gazing Balls Update: I finally started putting mirror on one of the gazing balls! Woo-hoo!! I am using colorant in the thinset mortar to give it the same color as the grout when it is applied. In that way there is no white thinset visible. I like using colorant and tints a lot in the adhesive when I can. Although no one but me can see it, it gives me an indication of what the final piece will look like color-wise when I do. Often if I’m given a choice, I will decide then what colorant to use for the grout way before the piece has been completed. It doesn’t always work out; I’ve used black adhesive and white grout. That actually causes more problems which is how I learned to use acrylics in the grout. If I don’t want it black but the white isn’t working either, there’s always tints and acrylics to be found and used!

There is still a lot to do to get all of the gazing balls prepped and ready for glassing. Lots of mirror to cut. I’m still not sure there’s enough mirror here to cover all 10. I’ve been cutting what I have a few hours at a time and I still have a lot to cut.

just a little left to do on the first one ... nine more to go!

The customer sent me an invitation to mix the color needed for the grout. The color I made to put into the thinset adhesive is a dark red burgundy color matching nicely as you can see from the photo below. I’ll use the same colorant for the grout. Yay!

The other day when I worked on the one above, I noticed when I put it down to dry, it rolled a little bit and a few pieces of glass popped off a little too easily. I put them aside and will reapply them when I finish it.

My mistake: I used only one application of thinset for the entire day (it took approximately 8 hours to get the ball covered up to this point) and the thinset was getting dried out as the day progressed. I cover it up when I’m not using it with plastic wrap but the long hours of putting mirror on the ball, taking a few breaks to help feed myself, sit for a bit (I stand when I work) and help with the grandkids to do a few things in between it all was just way too long.

The pieces that came off were applied using the older adhesive. Anyone who uses mortar as an adhesive knows it’s best to mix it up, if you use the dry kind as I do, a little at a time. I was so positive I would work quickly and cover the whole ball in one day that I ended up mixing up too much and will have to go back and fix what fell off. Luckily it wasn’t too many pieces but I DO know better. I was a little over zealous and excitement got the better of me! It’s been a long wait to start getting the mirror on these. Mixing smaller batches is advisable, even if it only takes one day to cover it in mirror, making a few batches during that day would have been best. When I continue adding mirror to the balls I will make smaller amounts of the thinset at a time. After all, it’s better than having to reapply many pieces of mirror the next day. That is counter-productive!

two pieces popped off very close to the finished line of mosaic work --- obviously the adhesive was too dry to do its job properly after so many hours!

The good part is that there is enough time to rework what needs to be fixed and continue on with the prepping of the rest. I always say there’s something to learn every day and it really is true with this custom order!

I am thrilled to be getting through them one at a time at a pretty good pace and I’m very pleased with how they look. It is going well! I truly hope the customer likes them. I keep imagining what she’ll think when she opens the first box. I’ll probably ship them separately to prevent them from hitting each other in transit but I don’t know if that’s what I’ll do just yet. It’s still in the development stage. I know one thing is certain. It’s always exciting to open up a box with a mosaic in it! Can you imagine getting 10 of them?

What Else Is New?: Other than the above, I’ve been making daily picks of great mid-century modern/vintage/retro decorative items I’ve found on Etsy through my blog on tumblr, making Treasury’s on Etsy a few times during the week sharing them with the 123 Treasury Promo Team over on Etsy and on my Facebook page.


Plus I’ve been making some new friends along the way. It’s always a joy to share what I find with others. I really enjoy browsing through the Etsy shops to find new items. Some of the vintage shops popping up have really cool things in them!!

I don’t always share all of the Treasury’s I make here but I do share them on Facebook. If you’d like to see them and don’t use Facebook or you don’t want to “like” my page on it, head on over to my Etsy shop profile. There’s a section on it that shows the Treasury’s I’ve made called Treasury lists.


Have a good week and I hope you make it creative.


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