Each of these beauties got a raw deal by me this week thanks to being in bed with a nasty cold for most of it. I do apologize to those that follow the tumblr posts but it wasn’t an easy week. However, today is a good day filled with all 7 delights in ceramic goodness. Please take some time to look at these individually and enjoy them. Each of these pieces are incredible works of art in their own right. Enjoy.

©2011 Prince Design UK, Ceramic bowl, Price: $59.00


©2011 Romy Kissel and Clare Backer Bies of Romy & Clare, Tea Set - Red Poppy Funky Tea Pot, Cream & Sugar, Price: $148.00


©2011 lyn swan of clayswan, Tea for Two porcelain cups, Price: $46.00


©2011 Diana Brower of Crop Circle Clay, Soup Mug, Price: $56.00


©2011 Kim Roberts of Kibster Vintage, Mid Century Modern Genie Lamp, Price: $60.00


©2011 Judy Freeman of July B. Freeman Pottery, Blue Morphos Butterfly Mug, Price: $22.00


©2011 PhillipTaylorGallery Ceramic Arts, Alcohol Reduced Vase, Price: $160.00


Please note, those that look for the daily posts on Facebook, I’ll be only sharing this weekly post on my page starting next week. Adding the photos daily was something I did manually and now that I’m becoming more involved with the custom order I have a little less time during the week to share posts. If you like these daily posts and want to see what I find every day, please follow me: http://earthmothermosaics.tumblr.com/


©2011 Cindy White, EarthMotherMosaics