I’ve been working hard on the custom order this week. My Etsy shop had one item listed in a Treasury during the first week! Nice!! Happily, the custom ordered gazing balls I list in my shop were featured. Woo-hoo! Click on the picture to head over to Etsy and take a look.

Autumn gift guide for home and her by dbabcock

Burning the late night oil: I spent all weekend prepping the gazing balls working much later than usual and only coming up for air long enough to eat and sleep. This week, I have them all in different stages of development and am quite happy with the way they are progressing. I’m using supplies quickly and will have to regroup and order what I need to keep going with the accelerated pace.

Testing, testing and more testing: The R&D part of this custom order took the most time, as I assumed it would. The budget was limited and most of the entire amount was used for the mirror. At this point because I’ve not yet covered one, I don’t know how much mirror it will take. Hopefully if I don’t have enough, I can get more without too much trouble.

In order to make sure the thinset cement mortar would stick to the waterproofing membrane, I grabbed some heavy tess to see what would happen and added a small amount to one of the small spheres I covered in RedGard a while back. Dish shards in both ceramic and glass and some recycled mirror were placed in a small section and put aside. Once dry, they were just as sturdy as they would be on anything else, so the test was a success. Below are photos of the test sphere (approx 6 inches), the beach ball (approx 8.5 inches blown up) and the two gazing balls covered in a waterproofing product called RedGard found at any local DIY store.

the test ... dish shards and mirror with thinset

beach ball in a former life, garden art gazing ball in its present one

2 spheres ready for mirror are just a little under 12 inches in diameter now

I’m excited: Two balls out of ten are now ready to get the mirror on them. I’m so excited because this means all the thought and hard work, thinking, experimenting and starting over from scratch is done! All of us, myself and the family members who have helped along the way have been successful in finding a way to do what needed to be done!

I like the look of the test piece so I will finish it up with the dishes and mirror and set it aside to grout. Once grouted it will probably get listed to sell or I might just keep it for myself. 😉

Other news: There really isn’t much to mention as I’m only now working on the custom order and fighting through a cold I’ve managed to acquire. However it should be noted that once all the spheres are completed and on their way, I’m going to share all the R&D I’ve done from start to finish with these gazing balls. While I can’t imagine anyone really wanting to do them in this way, I think the journey has been an interesting one so perhaps one or two other folks may think so too. It will serve as a reminder for me in how far I’ve come with this custom order and what can be done with very little cash on hand! I showed myself how strong I can be because I never gave up, I just kept trying until I found what would work. I’m patting myself on the back because I wasn’t sure I was up for this challenge. Yay me!

If you are interested in ordering a gazing ball for your wedding, anniversary party or any other festive event, you can do so through my shop on Etsy or contact me at: earthmothermosaics@yahoo.com. Keep in mind it takes a little time from start to finish as they are made to order. All materials need to be ordered, etc. There’s a breakdown on prices (including shipping, insurance and handling) here: http://www.etsy.com/listing/82917173/garden-art-mosaic-gazing-ball-stained and a few pictures of some of the gazing balls I’ve created through the years.

Next week there will be photos of these lovely gazing balls actually covered in gold mirror! Woo-hoo!!

Have a good week … stay peaceful.


©2011 Cindy White, EarthMotherMosaics