Pumpkin, Sage and Spice. The scents and colored associated with Autumn were chosen this week. Yummm.

Although I like to keep the daily picks dedicated to home accents, decor and colors associated with them, once in a while I have to add something just for the body, mind and spirit. The last pick for the week was chosen for that reason. Enjoy!

©2011 Mireio, Spa Candle: Pumpkin Spice, Price: $21.00


©2011 Sarah Marymee of MarymeeStudio, Sage Green Lined Vase, Price: $30.00


©2011 Kyla Anderson of onelatenight, Set of Pumpkin Spice Melmac Bowls and Cups, Price: $17.00


©2011 bedbuggs, Throw Pillow Ivory Rose On Pumpkin 14x14, Price: $31.00


©2011 Beatriz of MidModMomStore, Vintage Shungyo Stoneware Kyoto Sage Green Fruit Dessert Bowls (Set of 8), Price: $40.00


©2011 BettyandJuneShoppe, Vintage Divided Leaf Dish in Spice Tone Swirl Glaze by Maurice of CA, Price: $16.00


©2011 Barbli Noel of b. noel AromaticS, INTO THE WOODS Spruce and Sage Aroma Spray, Price: $6.00


Tomorrow begins the new theme: Ceramic Delights. The more I search on Etsy, the more I find to share. I hope you take this journey with me into the world of useful art as I discover them. Have a great weekend!


©2011 Cindy White, EarthMotherMosaics