When I came across this shop yesterday I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was. The photography of each piece is a work of art. The items are works of art. I know I’ll be back to include things from this shop in my treasury’s and daily picks often. There should be a note here mentioning that this post is basically a way to get you to the shop to look at all the items listed in it. I don’t usually find an entire shop that I love as much as this one. Each item looks like it was created with TLC and patience that is required when working with wood. If I could include a photo of each and every item in one post, I’d do it. It was not easy to pick just one, but I’ve done it.

Please let me introduce you to The Dome.

©2011 Camilla And Stefano of StilNovoDesign

Reasonably priced at $89.99. http://www.etsy.com/shop/StilNovoDesign

This family-based business is taking old wood and recycling it into new items. They’ve captured my heart and will always have my support. This beautiful stool was made using wine barrels. Awesome. I applaud their talent, eye for detail work which is always required with pieces like this, dedication in helping salvage discarded wood and unique ability to make something that will last a lifetime. My heroes!

Take a slow look around their shop. Enjoy the experience!

Have a great weekend. Tomorrow’s post will be the Daily Design Picks. I enjoy that one especially because I get to share all of the items together to see how they look. 🙂


©2011 Cindy White, EarthMotherMosaics