News this week from the studio is very much like last week’s news.

CUSTOM ORDER NEWS: I’m cutting lots of yummy gold mirror for the gazing balls and prepping the spheres in a way that will keep them fairly light but sturdy. Once all the balls are prepped and the waterproofing membrane applied I’ll take a picture of all ten as the “before” shot. At that point, I’ll explain in a little more detail the work I’ve done in these months leading up to the fun mosaic part of this order. They are working up fast now that I’ve figured out what to do and how to do it. An additional post will be made eventually on what I did with each experiment on the balls once the order has been completed.

this 4x13" tub will be filled up in no time!

SHOP IS OPEN: My Etsy shop is back!! Yay! I missed tending to it, believe it or not. It takes a lot of work but it’s always worth it. If you haven’t seen it yet, hop on over and take a look. The holidays are fast approaching!

Here’s are a few favorites:

hand painted bohemian confetti peace signs priced at: $23.50

vintage retro pique assiette peace sign priced at: $70.75

mosaic candle luminary priced at: $41.25

Prices include shipping, handling and insurance fees.

DESIGN BLOG: Over the summer months while my Etsy shop was inactive I continued to do treasury’s and share my love of mostly mid-century modern art and vintage goodies. This morphed into a daily design post on tumblr. sharing a photo of something beautiful in my eyes and then adding them all together here in Saturday’s “Daily Design Picks” post. “Eye for Design and Color” is still in the very early stages and next week I’ll add the price of the item I’ve chosen for the day. I also have noticed that I’m becoming a snob when it comes to photographed items on Etsy. If the photo isn’t crisp it’s likely not to show up on my blog or be chosen at all no matter how nice the item itself is. I have posted my share of blurry items in my haste to get my item listed. I had a camera that was tempermental making it a less than easy experience in trying to get clear photos. Some days I would take 500 photos and end up deleting them all. I can completely understand how posting a less than perfect picture is better than not posting it at all. I still struggle with photos daily trying to find the perfect ones to share. Often, I will take hundreds of pictures to find the best 5 to use. But I do find I am drawn more to the less cluttered background using white or black as professional photographers suggest. I also like seeing the item placed on a table or hung on the wall. I learned a lot this summer and I think the daily blog proves it. The theme for the week on tumblr. is Pumpkin, Sage and Spice using most of the items I picked for Monday’s Treasury. The colors are rich and warm.

Work-in-Progress: Working on the sun/moon frame was a lot of fun. I added tempered glass over the mirror in the center giving it a really cool look. Once grouted this frame should have a LOT of dimension to it. I often use natural light to take photos of my work but when I was putting on the tempered glass I took a picture by lamplight and it’s dark and out-of-focus. It was the best picture I captured of working with tempered glass so I’m sharing it anyway. Take note each piece of tg was added with tweezers because I had small pieces to use up.

adding tempered glass to the center mirror one bit at a time

MAC Glue was used under the tempered glass in the center

lots of delicious stained glass is on this piece

this will look awesome once grouted!!

Have a great week!


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