Last week the site was down when I had the time to work on the featured item so this week I’ve made two in one post.

Around this time of year I start searching for inviting smelly things. Candles, sachets, incense, scented sprays both for the room and for the body. During the summer months I have specific scents that I am in tune with. When fall approaches, the summer scents lose their appeal. Warmer scents like cinnamon and spice are what I am more likely to start looking for.

Once in a great while my search takes me to a slew of cookies and other yummy edibles. Of course I take my time looking through those as well.

Here are two of my favorites taking care of two senses very important to me. Smell and taste.

The first: SMELL

I’ve featured this site in a treasury a while back. Luminology has a fresh approach to their candles. The vessel makes a perfect home accent once the soy candle is long gone. My favorite is the Autumn soy candle. Take note friends and family, this one is on my wish list!

Autumn soy candle with crackling wood wick. VINEYARD (orange, ginger, clove, caraway) - a natural holiday gift.

The second: TASTE

When I search for goodies I now look through the vegan and gluten-free selections. The items I favorite are always beautifully photographed but I especially love seeing close ups of yummy looking cookies.

Dark chocolate snickerdoodle cookies made by SweetVegan Delights have managed to make me wish for the ability to smell things through the computer. Never fear, SweetVegan, I shall return!!

Vegan Dark Chocolate Tipped So Soft Snickerdoodle Cookies - Bakers Dozen 13 Rounds


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