Another busy week for me here in my small studio. It is very fulfilling to work every day on my projects. I’m very grateful to have the time and space to be as creative as I need to be. My life is filled with daily activity involving my family now, therefore, the times when I have what I call “Zen Time” in the studio is becoming sacred. I never take any of it for granted. Quality time with the fam is as important as meditative time with my mosaics.

The Sphere World: Things are going along at about the right pace for the gazing balls custom order. Even though the beach balls aren’t exactly what I anticipated, I am working them up quickly so hopefully the final results will be something the customer will be happy with. As in all custom orders, when I work on them I am always so excited to make something unique and one-of-a-kind.

When I started getting frustrated with the experiments because I’m making ten of them and trying to make sure they are as identical as something handmade can be, I expected to feel a bit disenchanted with this job and spheres in general. I wasn’t surprised when I got tired of looking at gazing balls in all forms of preparation for mosaics. I reminded myself that everything natural is perfect and that there is beauty in each and every thing handmade whether by my hand or someone else. I appreciate handmade items and the time it takes to create them. I relaxed, reminding myself to enjoy the ride.

I have become completely enamored with these balls. As they have been built and played with, experimented on and set aside I still see these spheres as real potential beauties with a finished mosaic on them. There are days when I just walk away from what I’m working on because I’m having a problem with something, but I think that’s normal and always, when I head back to it again, it works out just fine. That is good news because I have many balls to cover with mosaics in the months to come once this order is finished!

Resting ... 10 beach balls covered in plaster cast strips

The next step: Adding thinset to bulk them up and give them more substance will take about two weeks maybe less. From that point, a few coats of the waterproofing membrane will be added to each. In between waiting for prep work to dry, I’ll continue cutting the mirror up into triangles.

sheets and precut tiles of shiny gold mirror

The actually gluing of the glass onto the spheres won’t take long at all. I’m still waiting for the color swatch from the customer to get the color just right for the grout. This is for a wedding in November whose colors are gold and cranberry red. I asked my customer for something showing the exact colors she picked so that I can match the grout to the red. She’s sending me an invitation which is a perfect way for me to find the color I need when the time comes. I can walk around my favorite haunts when I shop for such things with it tucked safely in my bag as I go. I plan to mix my own color using a few colorants/tints/acrylics. That will be fun to do! My daughter will help me; she and I work well together and I’m positive we will find the perfect blend.

Etsy Shop News: My Etsy shop will be re-opening on Saturday, October 1st!

I’m taking pictures of the new things I’ll be adding to my shop this week and have grouted a few small pieces. Here’s a sneak peek of two newly grouted items that will be listed.

DONATION PIECES: I’m happy to say I’ve finished the 2 donation pieces for the auction at The Star Press in Indiana to support breast cancer survivors.  “IN THE PINK”, a silent art auction will be held at the Muncie Mall in conjunction with Women’s Head to Toe Expo, Saturday, October 15, 2011.

"Rise Above"

"Bright Light"

Look great as a set or as a separate piece of art

4×4 MDF squares – Recycled silver mirror, stained glass in yellow, tangerine and blue, some triangle Millefiori and ball chain. Grouted in antique white, bails and jute added for easy hanging. Once I’m sure the sealant is dry, they will get packed up and out by the end of the week. Woo-hoo!

TAKE NOTE: Last week I didn’t post on Friday due to site maintenance. This week, I may decide to do two Featured Items to make up for it! 🙂

The theme this week on Tumblr is Black and White Stripes and I’m having a great time finding new and usual items on Etsy for it. I really enjoy seeing all of the items together in one post. This is a lot of fun for me to do and a way to share my love of color and design. Next week may be a bit of a different theme for me. Once in a while I find something that I fall in love with that is either whimsical or unusual. Then the REAL fun begins when I start doing the research on Etsy to see what I can find!

Happy Autumnal Equinox and a very Happy Rosh Hashanah to my many friends throughout the world!

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