Because gazing balls are on my mind these days and after sharing some of the photos of the ones I’ve done in the past few years, I decided this particular garden art was worthy of a second look.

“Kinetic Energy” was created for two very dear people I’ve known forever both separately and as a couple. When Linda asked me to make a gazing ball for their home, I knew it would be filled with color. I also knew she’d allow me to be as creative as I needed to be and as an artist, it is always so freeing to have carte blanche!

I asked her last week how it was holding up after a few seasons in her garden and she said she baby’s it and takes very good care to make sure it doesn’t get too wet or cold. By caring for it in this way, they will have it for their home for a long, long time. I’m just a little bit proud too to know that she loves the mosaics I’ve done for them so much, she’s willing to make sure they are cared for properly.

Below are photos of my creation coming to life for Linda and Neale. In it’s original form, this sphere was once an old, discarded bowling ball. Now, it is a well cared for and loved piece of mosaic art for their garden. I present to you: “Kinetic Energy”.


©2011 Cindy White, EarthMotherMosaics