This week I mangled my left hand enough to stop working on much of anything for more than a few days. Not by misusing a tool or doing something in the studio but by smashing it into a door jamb while trying to carry a laundry basket filled with clean clothes out of my room. As I’ve always said, chores can be hazardous to my health! I’m safe around broken pieces of stained glass, grinders, sharp tools … but get me near a basket full of clean clothes and I get hurt. 😛

I wasn’t able to do much work after I hurt myself but before I did, I got a good start on a frame and a layer of cement on the gazing ball. No photos of the sphere to share because there’s nothing different in how it looks yet but I do have a few photos of the frame.

Suns and moons are a favorite for me to mosaic. The mirror that isn’t covered in stained glass will get tempered glass on it. This gives it a 3D look. I’m glad I put it aside after I got hurt because after looking at the photos I took, I’ve decided I don’t like it! Putting it down and walking away from it for a week or so will do me good. And I probably will like it once it’s completed.

Nice close up of the blue, red and orange I used. The good news is I like the design a lot so I will continue with it again soon.


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