As I was looking through my email yesterday I was so happy to see the latest edition of Artful Home Catalog. Yay!! Spending time looking through Artful Home has become a ritualistic event for me for over a year now. If you follow my blog you should know I spend most of my time looking through the art glass section. While eating my lunch I slowly clicked on items I had to look at more closely.

This week’s Featured Item is something I found by looking through this catalog. After a long glance at the artists’ website, I had to share.

Nick Chase of truly makes classy glass art. The “Red Bowl” created by Nick Chase and shown in Artful Home’s 2011 Fall Catalog is one of my favorites and my Featured Item this week. Take the time to read through the info about Mr. Chase and see the elegance in his work. Pure eye candy. According to his website, you can see his work up close and personal through many galleries in Canada. I may have to take a road trip some day soon!

©2011 Nick Chase from Artful Home

If you’ve never taken the time to look through this catalog, please do. You will become a fan by the time you’ve completely looked through it. I guarantee it. You can sign up for email notifications and catalogs if you love this catalog as much as I do.

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©2011 Cindy White, EarthMotherMosaics