Progress Has Been Made: I’m still working on the newest idea for the gazing balls. It is working out fairly well so far.

The first thing I did was cover a 1o inch bowling ball with plastic wrap. My favorite is Glad’s Press’N Seal. I used to take it to the classes I taught last year for the students to wrap their coasters up in once I discovered how easy it was to use. The next step was to cover it in plaster cast strips and wait for it to dry. Before it was completely solid, we scored a line around it to make it easier to cut.

scoring before drying completely made it easier to remove

I found this particular picture below really cool looking. The spheres I made ranging in size from 6 inches to 8 inches. One foam ball has yet to be covered in plaster wrap but once it is, I’ll have 5 to put some fun designs on. They will stay where they are until I am finished with the custom order. I have great plans for them! Once the plaster was completely dry, my daughter and I cut the strips and gently removed each half.

I love this shape!

More strips were added to put it back together again. This weekend I’ll be getting some insulation foam to spray inside. Building 2 inches on this should be fairly easy. At that point I can start making the rest of the spheres needed just like this! Woo-hoo!

I really do love the way the half sphere came off of the ball and immediately thought how cool it would be to make a mosaic bowl using this technique. I will definitely have to try it!

Some Work-In-Progress: I’ve always got something to work on and lots of inspiration around me. Having a small space to work in is actually working out for me. I don’t like being surrounded by so many packing boxes but as time goes on they will be replaced with clear ones so that I can see the colors of tess I have accumulated.

A while back I started working on a glass bowl I had been given. Covering it in stained glass was the plan but as I was trying to veer away from the design on the bowl, my vision got jumbled and it was an ugly mess!


I yanked all the glass off of it and decided, with the helpful suggestions of many friends on flickr to go with the flow of the design instead of fighting with it. I also knew the colors weren’t working for me. The second time around, I picked some glass made in hues of purple and pink. I have found it to be a lot more pleasant to look at.

much better!

When something isn’t working and I’m still trying to make it happen, it takes a long time and I fight the whole process. It’s exhausting, frustrating and irritating to keep pushing when it just isn’t right. The above example proves that once I decided to go with the flow instead of fighting with it, the process became easy. Yet another life lesson.

I also used this glass to mosaic a candle holder. There will be some major grouting happening soon!

I played with dish tiles this week too! I usually am not all that pleased with my work after I’ve done something with them. I have gotten used to using stained glass and mirror and the results with each. Dishes are wonderful and I really enjoy collecting them and nipping them up for use in my mosaics. I have decided that the style has to be considered Folk Art or Tramp Art in order for me to like what I’ve done.

I need to hone my dish tile skills a lot more but I have lots of dishes around me. No problem there. I am learning that some times I am drawn towards dish shards and other times stained glass. Switching from thing to thing is good! I think it’s what keeps me happily creating.

Art Deco mosaic tray - not yet grouted

“Atomic” design plates, a dogwood flower plate for the focal, Depression glass plate in green and some Millefiori added to this gave the Art Deco tray an uplift. The ceramic Art Deco tray and the Depression glass came from the stash of goodies I got when we sorted through some family treasures.

small silver-plated mosaic tray - not yet grouted

The silver-plated tray got the “atomic” treatment too but the pieces were cut much smaller to fit.

I do like them both and am happy with the results. It’s just so different than working with stained glass! Make no mistake … it’s ALL fun!!


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