While looking at a group of gazing balls and spheres photos I’ve made within the last year plus some, I noticed, once again, how much I like this mosaic table sculpture I made for the presentation I gave at the art league in April.

I found a lot of photos showing the progress of where it started and how it finished and thought it would be something to share here as the Featured Item. It was fun for me to go back and look at these, I hope you enjoy it too.

it started with a broken wine glass

a 6 inch bisque sphere, once stained glass is added, will get glued on top of the stem

a porcelain bird and an old glass blue marble perch on top

glass and mirror have been added to the sphere

swirly design to resemble waves

I see two elephants but once grouted they aren't as visible

not yet finished gluing glass and mirror

grouted in white

lots of silver mirror added to the top (pre-grout)

"Coasting On The Wings Of Tomorrow" is complete

Tomorrow I’ll be adding another weekly post doling out the great finds I’ve shared on Tumblr. There will be a photo and the link on how to find these awesome items and placed together in one spot. Hopefully in that way you can see how the theme works together. So far I’ve done them on Tumblr for two weeks; all of them will be in one post tomorrow. After that it will be just one week at a time in a post I’ve dubbed: “Daily Design Picks Compilation”. Not every week will be themed but most of them are similar to what I find when I do Etsy Treasury’s and I always have a theme in mind. When I do those, there’s often one item I find so neat I have to share it.

Enjoy the last official weekend of Summer and wave hello to cooler weather. Although warmth is always welcome, I enjoy the crisp air that Autumn provides. I’m happier with less humidity. Stay safe and make your day creative!


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