Originally today’s post was to be a feature of one of the items I picked in Monday’s Treasury. As I was moving some things around yesterday to find room to hold the gazing balls in different stages of preparation I caught a glimpse of this piece I’m sharing with you today. Next week I’ll share the item I was going to share today unless something else in my small space catches my eye. 😉

Every so often I feel the pull towards doing something creative other than mosaics. As much as I enjoy creating them, there are times when I feel the need to try something new and different. That’s when I reach for the acrylics.

"A Dreamer's Fleeting Moments"

Not trained at all in anything I’ve done through the years, painting is just fun to do if I don’t allow myself to think about it too much. Like mosaics, I rarely decide what I’m going to do beforehand. I allow my mind to relax as much as I can (this has never been easy for me to do but has become less difficult as I’ve become more practiced in meditation) and let thoughts go … I feel like I could float when done correctly. Nice! Whatever connects does so in those moments between my hands, brain and the canvas. When I decide what to use as a canvas becomes apparent (I’ve never actually painted on canvas, truth be told) it doesn’t take long to cover it up nicely with some colored acrylics.

only the beginning

It helps to listen to music as I do this too. It can be soothing classical music or funky disco music. Hardcore metal or soft rock. And often, what would be considered New Age has been known to soothe the muse. Show tunes, country and even some kids songs creep into the mix. I like it all. And, in turn, the things created may even show a hint of what I listen to while working. During creating the 3 small pieces attached to the larger piece, I was listening to meditation music — flutes and thunderstorms I believe … the perfect combination to show a dreamer’s point of view.

"Sharing Secrets" shows glittery shadow faeries dancing through the air

This piece was completed about 6 months ago. I did the small pieces first and took a very long time deciding what to do with them. It’s not yet framed nor does it have a way to hang it without one. I like it this way and may not frame it. I like the way the paint dripped on the sides. A frame would hide that nice feature, I think. Maybe I can make a frame for it myself out of more of this cool stuff. But for now, it looks like this.

close up of detail and sides

“A Dreamer’s Fleeting Moments” is my attempt at combining altered art, mixed media and mosaics all in one. The base is a large piece of Styrofoam I got out of a box that came with an electronic something or other years ago. It may have been one of the pieces that sat in the back of a closet for years that I knew one day would be used for something awesome. Never toss anything away until you’re sure you can’t use it!!! 😉 It could end up a piece of art some day.

microbeads and seed beads were used around the tempered glass

Before painting on this, I covered it with plaster cast strips and thinset cement smoothing it as I went with wet hands to get a nice, even coating. At first I was just going to paint something on it. Once I did that, I loved the look of it just as it was but knew I would be adding more to it. I had no idea where it was headed.

"Misty Memories" depicts foggy weightlessness often associated with dreaming

The small 4×4 pieces were made as a group and I tried a few different things with them to see if they should be attached to a frame in some way. What evolved from these two things was this seed bead, tempered glass, acrylic water colored square artwork. Each square tells a story about the dreamer with the help of tiny faeries and magical glittery creatures. Glitter is fun to use and I do like to use it. Often.

glitter was sprinkled before adding the tempered glass and glued around the sides of each square to give them a finished appearance

This was the first attempt at something like this and was very enjoyable. As I pulled it out of a box recently and studied it, I thought maybe just leaving it out where I can see it would be a great thing to do. It helps remind myself that whimsy is alive and well deep inside of me when I am ready to allow it out. That’s a very nice thought.

"Moon Magic" has a bridge leading to a heart, water below it with decorative rocks and moss


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