What’s new in the studio this week? Prepping the gazing balls. Woo! All the supplies have been purchased, budget is spent and now it’s time to get down to the creative part. I mentioned a while back that the studio would be less active in one respect since I’ll have very little time to do more than the custom order. So much prep work is required for these it’s good that I have the time I need. I will be surrounded in white styrofoam balls covered in cement to build them up to the proper size as the months progress as there are 10 to be made. There is something really calming about the process of adding thinset to them. I am enjoying this so much. It is very Zen.

The donation pieces are finished and ready to get shipped out. Hopefully I’ll get them in an envelope within the next few days so they have them in time for the art auction.

I hope the set is enjoyed by someone for a very long time. They were so much fun to make and because they are 4×4 inches, they didn’t take long at all to do from start to finish.

Grouting happened this week too.

2-3/4 inch blue tea light candle holder grouted in plum

beer bottle is now bottle art with dish shards and plum grout (great way to upcycle)

3-1/2 inch square candle holder in autumn greens and yellows

6 inch clear glass candle holder plate is now a small sun catcher - PEACE

6 inch clear glass candle holder plate now a sun catcher in soothing colors in blue

sun catcher and candle holder in autumn tones compliment each other

This week is retro week on tumblr. Each day I find a retro item I like and add it to my “Eye for Design and Color” blog. I’ve just begun this blog and am still learning how to use all the features available on tumblr but I am hoping as I add more posts I’ll get better at it. Each week will have a theme. Should be fun!

Friday’s Featured Item will be chosen from one of the shops I picked for Monday’s Treasury.


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