Lots of grouting was done this week! I’m happy to say that everything I had been working on for the past few weeks has now been finished. My inventory is being replenished too, slowly but surely! Woo-hoo!

I delivered this to my daughter yesterday. Hopefully once it’s hung up I’ll take another picture of it to share. It reflects the decorative pillows she has in her living room.

Belated Birthday gift for my daughter

close up

When my grandson, Malachi asked me to make him a blue and pink butterfly of his very own after seeing the donation piece I made, I had no choice but accept the custom order from the youngest art collector I know. I know I shared this story before, but it is so dear to me, I feel it is worth repeating. As I was gluing the glass down on the butterfly he handed me a few pull tabs and asked me if I could use them in my mosaics. I thought about it for a bit and realized they’d make great “wings”. I also made some on mesh and sent them on to FL to be part of the mural “Butterflies Are Free”. Kraken Mosaics (Eve Lynch) has a blog dedicated to her project. I’m looking forward to seeing all the pretty butterflies in the mural when completed. I was lucky enough to see her update yesterday asking for “how to” photos working on mesh and sent her mine. She has included them in the latest post on the blog. I had no clue when I took these pics that she would be able to use them, but I’m very glad I did! You can follow along on her blog here: http://butterfly-project.blogspot.com/

Malachi receiving the butterfly he requested slightly banged up from a slide along some cement ... he moves fast but gravity catches up with him every so often! Note our pull tab wings on the little guys!

Butterfly for Malachi

I really love the autumn colors I used for the plate below. It measures 6 inches round and has a duel purpose. It can be used as a sun catcher when not used as a candle holder. Care should be taken when using candles – wax can be difficult to get off of the grout. I often use candles in clear glass holders to protect the mosaic when I use them.

stained glass plate candle holder and/or sun catcher

another view - stained glass plate sun catcher and/or candle holder

Each side on these small candle holders have stained glass in a range of colors and textures. The sun makes them shine on a shelf when not in use. I haven’t yet taken any photos with candles but will share them when I have.

3.5 inches - blue stained glass votive/tea light holder - one side

3.5 inches - blue stained glass votive/tea light holder - another side

3.5 inches - green stained glass votive/tea light holder - one side

3.5 inches - green stained glass votive/tea light holder - another side

I’m still working on my website and online web store; sharing updates as I have them on both, when I have them. This week, I did some rearranged on the website and added an item to the store. The links are included here:



Friday’s post, my favorite Featured Item, may not be something for the online store. There are quite a few favorite mosaics hanging on my walls and not all of them were created by me! 😉


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