This week I’ve been working solely on the gazing ball prototypes I’m making for a custom order. Grouting and polishing and taking their pictures is a part of the process I like to do to share with everyone. This also is the way the client can make her decision as to which cut she wants for the mirror I’ll use for her gazing balls.

Triangle Prototype:

Square prototype:

Gold mirror side:

Silver mirror side:

Additional photos can be seen on my flickr photostream.

I used a combination of paints, tint and antique white grout to make the color on the triangle sphere. I will definitely use a premixed colored grout when I make the 10 gazing balls for the client to make certain they are all uniform in color. The square sphere has antique white grout on the gold mirror. I painted the silver mirror side with black acrylic paint. Both are sealed.

I am looking forward to working on these gazing balls over the coming months. Using them as table centerpieces in a wedding is a fantastic idea! I hope to make my client proud to have my mosaic spheres as part of her decorations for the very special day.

Once she decides which cut she likes (we’re all leaning towards the triangle ones!), I’ll start in on real thing. Yay!

Up next is a butterfly on mesh! I’ve had a bit of a block with the colors to use for it. Hopefully now that I’ve finished the prototypes I can spend a few days devoted to that.