During my recent move, I packed up my collection of Depression Glass handed down to me by a few beloved family members who passed away through the years. I studied them for a quite a while before wrapping them back up for the move. Most of what I have (mostly amber, green, pink and yellow plates, vases and bowls), will be used for future mosaics as they are not in great shape. Put away due to cracks or having been broken after being on display for so many years, they made me happy to look at them once more. In the state they are in now, their usefulness is no longer possible, displaying them isn’t possible either as the space I’m in is very small. Leaving them packed up and away from view seems wrong. Soon they will be shown proudly in a new way, through mosaics! It’s the only way I know to reuse, recycle and share these things. I’m looking forward to it and finding a way to use them creatively.

This Monday’s Treasury is all about the Vintage Depression Glass I found on Etsy. Some of the colors are fantastic! I hope you enjoy looking through the first treasury I’ve done in a while!