Within the last month life has taken a few interesting twists and turns. It’s all wonderful because I’m alive and feeling good! Thanks to my family (extended family as well) for all their help during my transition. I’m slowly finding my way back from a long winter filled with stress and depression. Thankfully with their help, I can soon put it all behind me and move forward.

While I’ve been unpacking boxes labeled “mosaics supplies” or “mosaics”, I’ve been finding a few odds and ends to do the next projects, gifts and fun things. I am still looking for some things to get other projects started but that is the fun of unpacking! The process is slow and there are boxes still in storage to go through and find a place for near me so that when I am looking for that one particular piece of stained glass or dish, I will have it handy!

The good news is that I have found a small space in my bedroom to mosaic. I don’t need a large space to call it my “studio” as long as I have a spot to create in, that’s all I need! I’m happy at work there and have been able to start on a few prototypes for a custom order. I’m making two small gazing balls using gold mirror; one has cuts of gold mirror in squares, one has cuts in triangles.

The one with the square cuts is using more of the gold mirror than I thought it would. I’ll be adding silver mirror to the other half of it and grouting the gold in a light tan grout, the silver in a charcoal or dark gray grout. The dramatic differences should be really cool!

Making two 6 inch gazing balls using different cuts in the mirror gives the client a visual to see which is preferred. These particular spheres have 2 prep parts to them, the “real” ones will have 3 and in doing the prep work I’ve added close to 6 inches to them because the mirror is so thick. I used plaster strips and a layer of watered down cement to these. The other ones will have a layer of membrane on them to protect them from water so that they may be placed out in a garden. At one point I had considered doing one ball with both cuts (squares on one side, triangles on the other) but in the end making one each was my decision. So far I am pleased with the results.

I am making a butterfly on mesh soon as part of a collaborative installation in Fort Myers, Florida. Once completed, the mural should be a beautiful array of many artists’ renditions of mosaic butterflies. “Butterflies Are Free” is the newest endeavor for Kraken Mosaics, Eve Lynch. It’s always a joy to do donation pieces and I’m really looking forward to making my own version of a butterfly to add to her collection for her mural. Photos will be shared on flickr as usual and I’ll post a photo here when it’s complete. Deadline is in August. Those interested in making a mosaic butterfly can contact Eve at krakenmosaics@gmail.com to see if she’s still accepting donations.

Yesterday, I found the box I packed with a few small glass candle holders and plates to be covered in stained glass for the consignment shop I work with. http://www.tarascountrycottage.com/ has just moved to a larger shop to house more cool items. Hopefully by the end of July I’ll have some new mosaics to take to her. I LOVE her shop and can’t wait to see the new one. If you live locally, she is in Skippack Village in Skippack, PA. Stop by and tell her I sent you!! 🙂

I’ve been working on a new website for EarthMotherMosaics. I have been devoting only a little time to it so far but hope to have it all finished within the next few months. Once completed, I will have items for sale listed. If you’re interested, go to: http://www.wix.com/earthmothermosaics/earthmothermosaics and check it out! I’ll post info here when I update it.

Next Monday, July 11, I’ll post an Etsy Treasury. Studio news will alternate between Wednesday’s and Friday’s depending on what I’m working on.

Hope you are having a wonderful summer and stay peaceful!