In honor of Father’s Day which is fast approaching, I’ve chosen some items I think my Dad would enjoy looking at.

My father is an accomplished woodworker, antiques dealer, writer and teacher and has shared with me the love and look of wood grain, the smooth feel of a good finish, the shape and craftsmanship done by talented people from years long past. I’m not able to take a beat up old table and make it look like it did when it was first created but he is. I’ve watched him take broken chairs with one leg missing and hand carving the missing “limb”, working on that chair by giving it a new finish after much hard work using his hands and a few hand tools to give his customers a piece of usable history or something to cherish for many, many years.

These are just some of the items I found that I think he might like. I like them too! I had fun hunting for these this morning.

I hope you enjoy this Father’s Day tribute.