The title of this post explains a lot. What a great quote by John Lennon. It is perfect.

Happy May 1st!

Even though there were a few Treasury’s I was involved in this past week, instead of sharing them here I am announcing the shop(s) hiatus and giving you some background as to why they are temporary closed. Both Etsy and ArtFire have been put on hold until I get through a lot of “stuff” happening to me and around me.

As you all know, life sometimes throws a few curve balls in our direction and we take them as they come either with grace or sliding into home plate and getting dirty, possibly ripping the uniform as we do. Let’s just say at this moment, there is no graceful way to get through the recent chain of events and I’m sliding! In keeping with the analogy, I know I will eventually find some soap, patches, a few sewing needles and tons of thread to get through these many transitions happening simultaneously in my life. I also know each event will take time. As far as I know, as of this written post, I have no major physical ailments to be concerned about. This is a blessing and I’m very aware of it. At the moment, in spite of knowing there are a lot of things to be joyful about, even during a time of upheaval, I have gone into a depressive funk and am having a hard time even eating and doing much of anything at all, especially mosaics. 😦

As I’ve become more concerned with these life events and involved with each one, mosaics have taken a back seat. I’ve become more restless and worried/concerned and confused. At this point, mosaics are of no real interest to me. I am sad about this and I know everyone goes through a time similar to this. I also know that it will pass, but finding the joy for creating mosaics again will take time.

I’m going through a lot of different life-altering events; I don’t yet know how they have affected me physically but I will do my best to find out soon. I’m finding very little joy in much of anything at this time which lets me know I need to regroup, find some help, do some healing and locate that powerful strength I once had again for all things.

I still plan to do a festival coming up in June. I am hoping it works out well. It is an entire weekend of selling my mosaics and doing demos, and I will post some info on all the usual spots when time gets closer. Whatever I mosaic at this point will go towards the fest except the glass plate I shared here last week “Pathways”. That one, once finished, will stay with me to remind myself that I will get through this time in my life. I got some small square candle holders and small circular glass plates for candles that I want to work on to sell there. So in between packing, going to appointments and dealing with some stressful situations, I will be making those and possibly a few more things if I can find the muse in me long enough. Of course I’ll share photos as I do make things, as I always have when possible.

Once I start to feel the old spark towards mosaics with the passion I had only a month earlier, those who read my blog posts will know it. I’ll share what I’ve been working on when I do “In the Studio” posts again. Right now the studio is open and if you have a custom order or commission you’d like me to do, please let me know through email or give me a call. You can leave a message or call any time. Find the info for ways to do this through my website at

Those who follow me on Facebook and flickr should notice a decline in posts and photos already of new mosaic work but I will still post some things as I make them in between packing, etc.

If you want to see the nice write up from the Greater Norristown Art League about the presentation I did last month, you can read it on flickr here:

Enjoy your week. I hope to do a Treasury tomorrow and every Monday throughout May but there may be a time when that stops for a while as well. Look for them and comment on them as you find them. It’s always fun to see what others think about them.

With all the challenges and daily hassles faced by many of us at any given moment, remember to take some time to dream, relax and renew the energy to feel the balance in your life. Until next time … another great John Lennon quote: “Reality leaves a lot to the imagination.”