I’m happy to say the studio news is varied this week.

I’ll now be working with a consignment shop who’s owner contacted me, out of the blue, asking if I’d be interested. At that time I had just decided NOT to work with consignment shops after a few tries on my own. I had contacted shops locally and found a mixed bag of emotions when I did. Most didn’t seem like the right fit or had some unusual requests that I felt weren’t quite right for a consignment shop to ask. Out of the six I contacted, one was kind of awesome and I thought I could work with them but they were really too far to travel on a regular basis. One thing I wanted to do was to be able to visit often so that I could drop off new items easily. Then I was contacted by one in Florida and did some research but found not being able to go and see the area and meet the person was something I wasn’t comfortable with either. So I washed it up as an experiment on my part and not something I should do right now. I also thought it just best to stick to the “within a 10-15 mile radius” when I did decide to try again. Gas prices went up, seemed like a good decision. Baby steps approach in all things seems like the best one and having to tell each shop my decision to concentrate on selling online instead of consignment, even though I contacted them to begin with, was what I had to do.

Then Tara’s Country Cottage of Skippack Village contacted me after seeing my Etsy shop and an online relationship was established. Her shop is exactly 11.5 miles away from my home and fits within the new “rules” I had established for myself. I had heard about Skippack Village and had actually been in contact with one place in that area a few times but had never visited or felt compelled to.

Once I heard from Tara, I knew at some point, if I didn’t work with her, I’d have to meet her. She and my daughter share a name after all. I had to at least give her a visit. We were to meet a few times before we actually did. The flu got me, a surprise out of town trip got her, etc.

Once we established a set day and time, I grabbed a box and filled it with 11 mosaics in all sizes and shapes and assumed she’d take a few and the rest would go back in the online shops. She took them all and asked how soon I could make more! What a great feeling! As soon as I walked into the building I felt its charm and knew I had made the right decision to give working with her a try.

Eventually before the year is through, I plan to do a few events with her shop and will mention them here and on my Facebook page as they approach.

I instantly like her and I know I will be enjoying the time spent with her and Skippack Village. The entire area is charming and filled with many shops and restaurants. I had never been there before this past weekend and instantly felt like I was coming home. What a welcome treat! Meanwhile, I’m now working on new items to take to her. She even gave me a box filled with goodies to create some mosaic magic! Yay!! 😀

As part of a Spring Fling event being held by Skippack Village, Tara and the shop next to hers are holding a Spring Fundraiser Event Boutique/Craft Show, March 18th-March 20th.

Today, Friday, March 18th from 1 pm -7 pm:  Adults can enjoy wine and refreshments while shopping in the Boutique. Great as a girls night out!

Saturday & Sunday, March 19th and 20th from 12 pm – 5 pm: Kids can make “Spring Theme” crafts or enter the color contest. Kids Crafts – Face Painting – Kids Coloring Contest – Bake Sale- Raffle.

For more details on her shop and this event, go to http://www.tarascountrycottage.com/


Last night we had our first mosaic basics class for the Mt Airy Learning Tree teaching 8 fun-loving students how to make 2 coasters at the Allens Lane Art Center.

It was the first class I’ve done this year and as always it’s a joy to share the love. They were a great group and all left seeming happy to have learned something new. Photos are on my flickr photostream under the WORKSHOPS 2011 folder.


Have fun, stay safe and always enjoy the moments.


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