It’s been an interesting week both personally and creatively. I had just finished up the mosaic on the old window in stained glass and thought I’d go straight to another glass project but felt the pull towards dish tiles/shards. Before I could work on anything, however, I needed time to get over the feeling of loss I often have associated with finishing a large piece of artwork. Many times the feeling is overwhelming when it arrives and I go through a slew of emotions before I can settle down to do the next project. Last week I experienced quite a bit of that but once the new window was named, I felt more willing and able to start in on something else using stained glass. This particular piece, as proud of it as I am, took a lot out of me. The size of the window frame is 20 x 28 inches, the design on the glass is 15-1/2 x 24 inches.

"Sunset Fire"

While taking photos of the flower pot I discuss below, I noticed this great shot of the sunset through my new mosaic “baby”. My energy seemed to return as I studied it and I knew it’s name would be Sunset Fire. Once named, the window felt completed and I felt ready to let the emotions go and move on to the next stained glass project!

As the energy level slowly returned this week I had some fun using dish tiles. It was all I wanted to do. I made the few things I’ve just listed below using many dish tiles in bright, fresh spring-like colors. Adding fun embellishments is always enjoyable for me. It gives some of what I do an added dimension. It was very enjoyable and I’m pleased with the results of everything I’ve done.


Fresh looking and Spring-inspired! That’s what kind of items have been created this week! This pot has 3 separate dish tile designs in it. Pink, blue and green shards along with green and blue decorative gems and grouted in a fawn.  Stands approximately 4-3/4 inches high with an opening of 4-1/2 inches wide.

Mosaic Flower Pot


This 10×12 inch frame is perfect to look at on a gloomy winter day; it can’t help but make you smile! “Dogwood Flowers” has hand cut pieces of dish tiles in blues, pinks, yellow and white. 3 different kinds of dish shards were used to blend together the perfect color combination. A handmade broken Dogwood flowers brooch was altered with seed beads and placed with ceramic face tiles. A word charm says “inspire” and another says “cherish”. The sides are tiled in green and blue stained glass tiles. Grouted in fawn and the back has been sponge painted a soft pink and white to compliment the dishes I nipped for this piece.

Mosaic Frame Dogwood Flowers×10-inches-dish


Once they were listed I went straight for more dish tiles and worked on this pretty birdhouse last night.


The camera wasn’t cooperating very well when I took the birdhouse photos but I shared them on flickr just the same.  Once grouted I hope to get better photos to share. This may be headed to Etsy or go with me when I start selling at the market this summer.


Classes have been scheduled from March to a few in June. Normally this is a busy time of year for us and exciting because we love to share the love of making mosaics. Sadly, one set of classes for both basics and intermediate mosaics aren’t running this semester. The economy has hit many in many different forms. Those that love to take adult ed classes I have found, just can’t take more than one if even that no matter what the price. It’s seen as a luxury and understandably so. Hopefully the rest of the semester will have classes filled to the brim! Of course, these classes will continue to be offered and information has been added below on the schedule to date.

Mt Airy Learning Tree runs our Mosaic Basics course which runs this semester on March 17 and March 24 for 2 hours from 6PM-8PM. We’re pleased to announce they have just added our Flower Pot Mosaics course from June 2 and June 9. These are 3 hours long from 6PM-9PM. If you have internet access you can log in directly to their website and sign up for a class. Website:, phone 215-843-6333, hours available: M-F 9AM-2PM.

The Community School of New Hope-Solebury picked up two courses this semester. Mosaic Coasters (adults and children) will run April 6 and April 13 from 6:30PM-8:30PM. Mosaic Flower Pot – April 27 and May 4 from 6:30PM-8:30PM. Website:, phone 215-968-8409. Any questions call 215-497-8735 or email

Plymouth Township Parks & Recreation Greater Plymouth Community Center has picked up our Basic Techniques of Mosaics course geared towards children ages 7-10. This runs for two Friday nights! Parents, enjoy a few hours rest and have your children learn a new craft! May 20 and May 27 from 6PM-8PM. Website:, Phone 610-277-4312.

Each course requires a materials fee on the first night of class. This covers the coaster kits and all adhesives, tools, grout and sealant necessary to complete the coasters. The flower pot materials fee include use of tools, some embellishments provided by the instructor, adhesive, grout and sealant. Also the flower pot courses require you to bring a flower pot and ceramic/pottery/discarded and/or found objects from home.

It’s a great experience to learn something new. Learning the basics is a great way to start out on the road to more mosaic madness which is the best kind of madness there is!

Check back on Sunday to see the Week in Review sharing Treasury’s and Collections gathered during the week.

I hope you gave yourself  some time  to be creative this week. No matter what your creative talent is. Have fun, stay safe and always enjoy the moments.


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