I’m trying something new this week and sharing screen shots instead of links with you. Those interested in actually going to the sites and commenting on them are encouraged to do so. The screen shots were made using GIMP 2. I’m still learning how to use it, but I am enjoying the process.

ArtFire Collection I curated:

Whats Black, Yellow and Yummy All Over?

Etsy Treasury’s I curated this week and the ones my mosaics were chosen to be featured in:

Tropical Punch

The Pace of Nature ... Spring is Coming!

Stone and Moss

☮ Oh~ Momma Earth...How I ♡ Thee!

Perfect Picks in Blues

Woodland Sanctuary

art in the home

Hope and Renewal

Mosaic Madness

My Girls

My Treasury List Curated By brightdude

Honey, Let's Brighten Up The Place

I found this past week to be very humbling. My work was chosen for quite a few Treasury’s and I am very grateful for that. Sharing the love is always a good thing.

Tomorrow’s Treasury will be all about bunnies – I found a very whimsical one the other day. It’s so cute!

As a side note and update on the other shop I wanted to open on Etsy: I had plans to open my own vintage shop on Etsy next month but a few weeks back dropped the box of things I was going to list, which pretty much destroyed them all. I have a plan for them, of course, to use most of them in mosaic form, but am reminded once again how easy it is to break a cherished item. I am so happy to have found this creative outlet so that I can continue to share small pieces of ceramic history with many. However, that means the vintage shop is not going to open and might not … ever. It might be best to allow others to care for the vintage shops and their items which gives me more time to mosaic what I broke here at home. It will take a good long time to get everything used up. It was a big box!

Enjoy your Sunday.