It’s been a good week. I’m finishing up things and starting new ones before classes start up in a few weeks and studio time will be swiftly replaced with making coaster kits and counting out glass tiles.

One of the things I’m most proud of at this moment is the old window I put a stained glass mosaic on. This window was the first one I ever tried and I loved the experience. It has changed the kitchen atmosphere forever into a very nice place to be.

You can see many more photos of the work-in-progress and even a picture of the window before I placed this old one in front of it. The view is much better now!

The latest listing on Etsy is called “Amongst The Clouds” and has just come home after a few months away visiting an old friend who was trying to find a place to show it. That didn’t work out however, so it arrived back to me yesterday. I didn’t realize how much work was put into it until it was gone for a while. It interests me to learn things like that about myself. I often think it takes very little time to mosaic which in a way is very true. The actually placing of the glass and/or dish tiles does go quickly when I’m focused and intent on what I’m creating. The time it takes to cut and nip the stained glass and mirror, make some decisions as to what colors to use, how to cut them and if there should be a design or if I should just “wing it” takes weeks…sometimes months…to decide. I suppose it could take years of thought for some of my mosaics to come to life. Some things that are still in my head to create, won’t be “hatched” until much later this year or perhaps early next year. In any case, I hope you will take a few minutes to hop on over to Etsy to see the newest listing. Here’s the link:

My mosaics were featured many times this week in Treasury’s. The complete list of links will be given on Sunday. Some weeks are really very exciting!

I have both a frame and a flower pot with dish tiles waiting patiently to be grouted and with any luck I will do those this weekend. The frame will have an old ceramic brooch added to it that was chipped in a few spots. I added seed beads to those areas and once grouted, the brooch will be added to the frame. I had something I wanted to use on the flower pot before it’s been grouted but it seems to have found legs and walked off in a safe spot in the studio. I plan to spend some time tomorrow hunting for it!

I have a few new ideas for “Wish Upon’s” and have just started the prep work. I thought I’d have them completed this week but I got side tracked with a 2-tiered shelf I decided to use my favorite dish tiles on and an altered art piece I’m working on. They both can be seen on flickr. I’m very happy with the boring old shelves now because they are no longer boring!

The altered art piece should be completed within the week if the energy level for it stays high. If not, there is always something else to work on!

I hope you have a creative weekend no matter what you decide to do! Have fun, stay safe and enjoy!