Happy Friday!

I have been busy listing new items and taking new photos of some older things in my new, home made light box!

The pendants that were just listed on Etsy recently were in a gallery in Indiana and when they came back home I thought it might be nice to spruce them up a bit. Giving the grout some new paint and one has the added sparkle of glitter, these pendants have a new, fresh look!


More “Wish Upon’s” have been listed this morning. The colors of the star boxes are blue mirror, pink and black iridescent stained glass and silver mirror with white and natural gray grout. All have been sealed, felt feet attached to the bottoms and painted in a mixture of white acrylic and burnt umber tint. The insides were given an oil stain.


There also is a set of star candle holders that I just finished up. I really like the way these turned out.


I’m working on different shaped boxes today to be added next week, I hope, into the “Wish Upon’s”. I found a few wall hangings in star shapes in my studio recently, hidden away in a corner. They will get primed and glass put on them possibly this weekend. Just like wishes, these will come in all sizes and shapes! I should have pictures of these by this time next week.

I’ve listed a few new pendants on ArtFire and did a little painting on the grout with these as well. I have quite a few pendants that were made a while back and I plan to do some paint magic to them and list them soon. Here’s one of my favorites on ArtFire:


For my personal relaxation time, I’ve been working on the glass-on-glass old window adding stained glass to it while watching TV or listening to music once my business day is done. It has been a joy to see this develop and I’m very, very close to being completed with it. It will look so great in the kitchen window with the sun coming through it. I can’t wait to see it completed!

abstract mosaic, glass-on-glass, old window

One of the really fun things about working on this window is that I’ve been thinking about the next one! I am positive the energy I feel as I work on this mosaic for myself will continue to flow into the next and the next and the one after that. What a great feeling to have so much creative energy flowing through my fingers. I can’t wait to share the newest mosaics as I create them! It amazes me some days how easy it is to just allow the natural instincts to take over. I’m so grateful to have found this joyful act of creating mosaics!

This weekend I hope to post the links for the Etsy Treasury’s and ArtFire Collections I’m associated with.

Monday will be a new Etsy Treasury and I’ve been looking at yellow items a lot lately, so I’m thinking that will be the color choice for that one.

I hope you have a creative weekend no matter what you decide to do! Have fun, stay safe and enjoy your life!