Because I’m becoming so active in making Etsy Treasury’s and ArtFire Collections and every so often am lucky enough to be included in one as well, I have decided to share the links each week in one post. Click on each link to see them if you’d like and comment on them as well…again…if you’d like. Some weeks will have less links as I am not always included in them, however this past week was a good week for my Etsy shop! It was picked 3 times for Treasury’s. The “citrus slices” coasters were included in 2. 🙂

My Etsy Treasury made on Monday:

The Treasury I made using a few Home Gallery team members’ items (one of my own items is included in this one):

Three Treasury’s my mosaics were featured in this week:

An ArtFire Collection I curated this week that made the Front Page:

It was a good week for sharing the love and receiving some too!

I hope you have a creative weekend.