There’s been lots of prep work this week for more “Wish Upon’s” to be added to Etsy. Grouting and finishing touches are happening within the next day or two and they’ll be listed either Sunday or Monday. Keeping your wishes safe is the perfect use for them. I have pictures of them holding tea bags, candy and jewelry as well but I am thinking the stain that is inside the box could cause those things, if not used immediately, to pick up the stain smell which is quite strong. Wishes are the best use for them and what they were made for! They are a great decorative accent to any room in your home or office.

I was playing around with beads and the peace symbol ornaments yesterday and I think I came up with a larger project for them to go on. They are a bit too delicate to hang up as they are. I think the beads would fall off easily if they were touched a lot or bumped. After I made 5 of them I thought about the adhesive I used. I think it might have been best to use something different and stronger, but I really don’t want to take all the beads off and start over (I used tweezers to add each bead), so we’ll see what happens next. I have something in mind for them but am not real sure of the direction it will go, so until then, you can see how they look on my flickr photostream.

You can also see the window I’m working on. What a joy this has been. It is a very long process but once it’s completed it will be so cool. I have quite a few windows to work on and am really excited about that. As I work on this one, a peaceful feeling comes over me. It is quite relaxing to just let the design form on it’s own, allowing my fingers to make the decisions as to what comes next. I have been listening to music or have the TV on and just let the mosaic form as I do so. I like not having any idea where it will go or what it will look like. That’s my favorite way to mosaic. Let it flow!

I’ll be adding a Saturday blog post each week now which will include all the Etsy Treasury’s I have been in and made myself as well as the ArtFire Collections I make. It will have all the links in it to show them all in one convenient blog post!

Monday’s Treasury choice will be posted as usual. There will be more Treasury’s each week now that I’ve joined a few teams on Etsy. I will be sharing items from each team as often as I can, weekly for Home Gallery which was stipulated in their guidelines. I love making Etsy Treasury’s and ArtFire Collections so this is good news for me!

Enjoy your weekend. Make it creative!