I’m more than thrilled to say that this week has been a really busy one; I’m very happy to be picking up steam again, feeling refreshed and filled with ideas! In between snow and ice storms here in PA I’ve been hunkered down and working on “Wish Upon’s”, coasters, a glass-on-glass window frame plus a few other things here and there. The first set of star boxes will be listed on Etsy next week. The 2nd set have been started and if all goes well, I will have them ready for grouting early next week. I have one more set of 3 star shaped boxes to mosaic before I move on to other things to add to the “Wish Upon’s” collection.

I found a great tutorial on how to make your own lightbox and tried it. I used a very small box which is perfect for the smaller items I sell (see the small blue candle holder in my flickr photostream – what a difference!) and am looking forward to building a bigger one. If anyone is interested, here it is:


I have to say, on good days, my camera takes some highly extraordinary photos (i.e., the aluminum pie plate photos I recently took to put on my website, these can be seen on flickr as well) but those are far and few these days. The poor thing is taped together and many of the settings no longer work. Hopefully within the next month I can find one that is within my budget. This one did a great job for close to 3 years and I’m happy and grateful that it has hung in there with me for as long as it has. I am looking at it now as a future mosaic piece! You know what we say, if it has lost its purpose, it’s still can become a mosaic piece of art!

If you’re in an area that is getting belted with storms, hang in there, stay warm and safe and enjoy the hibernation time if you can’t get out. Learn a new craft! If you don’t know how to mosaic but have always wanted to try it, now is the time! What better way to get rid of some of your frustration by the mounds of snow piled everywhere? Smash up a few old dishes and glue them to something! Go for it!! I promise you’ll feel much better. 😀

Enjoy your weekend. Make it creative!